Time to Start Eating These 7 Foods That Fight Cancer




The medical portal has revealed the benefits of 7 foods that fight cancer. There are also drinks that can help in preventing the feeding of cancer cells. They help in slowing down the growth of tumors.

These foods and drinks are not going to starve you. They include a wide range of favorite foods including blueberries, red wine, black chocolate, curry, green tea, and tomatoes. According to scientists, these foods could even beat chemotherapy in terms of effectiveness.

Reason Behind the Foods’ Power

In simple terms, these foods prevent the supply of blood to your tumor cells. This is because they have a property called anti-angiogenesis.

Angiogenesis is the standard process of creating blood vessels in our body. During certain stages in life, this process can be enhanced. For instance, in the case of newborns, but in adults, it remains ‘locked’ unless capillaries and tissues have to be restored in wounds.

The activator and inhibitor molecules regulate angiogenesis. The inhibitors will usually predominate. However, whenever essential angiogenesis activators can stimulate enhanced vascular cell development for forming new blood vessels.

This will increase the supply of nutrients and they will spread to different body parts (metastasis) by blood. They will need more blood vessels for this reason. This will lead to tumor angiogenesis for growing.

It has been found that cancer cells can generate angiogenesis activators (molecules that deceive our body and promote blood vessel growth) and supply oxygen and nutrients to tumors.

Our modern drugs, being used as angiogenesis inhibitors, when compared to chemotherapy, are unable to attack cancer cells and stop/slow down the development of blood vessels to tumors.

So how can you protect yourself by preventing cancer? You could regulate angiogenesis by choosing the right foods that prevent tiny tumors from growing and spreading.

What are the Best Foods for Stopping angiogenesis?

7 Foods That Fight Cancer

Tomato – According to a Harvard study men who consumed cooked tomato or tomato sauce at least 4 times per month have 50% reduced chances of developing prostate cancer. This is because tomato contains high amounts of lycopene.

This is an anti-angiogenic which is dissolved in fat. This means it needs proper absorption within the digestive tract. Compared to vitamin C, lycopene content is increased in tomato products when they are processed through cooking with oil or at high temperatures.

Turmeric – This is a superfood that helps in melting fat and boosting our health.

Red Wine – The skins of grapes contain resveratrol, a magical antioxidant that can help reduce the chances of heart disease. It also helps in extending your lifespan. According to evidence, it can help you in the following ways:

  • Inhibiting cancer
  • Killing viruses, bacteria, and fungi
  • Increasing lifespan
  • Improving cellular energy production
  • Eliminating harmful free radicals
  • Increasing glucose tolerance towards diabetes
  • Improving physical & mental statuses
  • Improving concentration
  • Improving heart function
  • Repairing damaged DNA
  • Preventing cellular damage due to nuclear radiation.

If you take 225 ml of red wine, it will have around 640 mcg resveratrol. Supplements (usually containing grape or various antioxidants extracts) are normally taken in 200 to 600 mcg a day. Research shows that Pinot Noir and Bordeaux red wines have the highest amount of polyphenol.

Coffee and green tea are considered to be the ‘chemotherapy’ of the food world.

The dark and rich colors of raspberries and blueberries are due to phytochemicals. They help in protecting you from various types of cancers (just like red grapes) in reducing oxidative stress and stopping angiogenesis. These are considered essential ‘weapons’ in fighting the deadly ovarian cancer.

If you want to prevent cancer, you could start by consuming any of these sweet-tasting “natural chemotherapy”. You can also enjoy dark chocolate which has been studied for making your heart healthy, boosting mood, and fighting bad cells.

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