Aldi Bans All Pesticides, Goes Organic, Rivals Whole Foods as Healthiest Grocery Store In The U.S.

Pesticide ingredients in the food seem to have been familiar as they have actually been used by farmers to maintain the quality of their fruits and vegetables from pests and plant diseases, so the farmers will get the maximum benefit.

We must be aware of pesticide content of daily products, including dairy-based products. Related to this issue, Aldi, a German grocery, made a surprising announcement.

Aldi Bans All Pesticides, Goes Organic, Rivals Whole Foods

Soon,they will draw back eight of their products that contain pesticides from all stores throughout the United States!

The 8 pesticides are Chlorpyrifos, Thiamethoxam, Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Clothianidin, Imidacloprid, Sulfoxaflor, and Fipronil.

Aldi is the first major store of Europe which prohibits pesticides harmful to bees, but it looks like Aldi’s step will be followed by several similar companies.

Aldi is also reproducing organic food brands, canceling some of the pesticide-containing and gluten contents.

They are also removing synthetic oils, synthetic dyes, as well as MSG content out of most of their products (reaching 90% of their sales)

Aldi is now improving and expanding their natural meat and organic products, including “Never Any”. They won’t add any containing antibiotic-hormone products.

They will also add liveGfree (free of gluten) and SimplyNature, one of their sales lines. The SimplyNature is free of not less than 125 synthetic ingredients.

Aldi has freed their dairy products from synthetic hormones and soon they will free sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, and other dairy-based products from what is called synthetic ingredients. They did a new strategy, providing expensive foods, such as smoked salmon, coconut oil, quinoa and artisanal cheese.

Aldi plans to have not less than 2,000 stores in United States. According to Business Insider, Aldi has inspired the world of grocery store to remove more of the products containing synthetic ingredients.

Do you know neonicotinoid is a new kind of insecticide?

It has been used for 20 years for killing pests. The neonicotinoid is now widely found in various food products, thus raising awareness of consumers.