The 15 Most Shared – Healthy Cool Summer Vegan Desserts

In the following paragraphs you will be provided with information for preparing the perfect vegan desserts. These deserts are perfectly delicious. The difference from non-vegan desserts is only in the choice of products. But, why I tell you this?

Do you have vegans in your family or among friends?! How to invite them to a birthday or other formal party if you know they won’t try your cake?!

You only need to follow the next guidance and they will all be satisfied by your wonderful vegan desserts.

What Vegan Desserts Should Not Contain?

To prepare delicious vegan desserts we first must know what vegans don’t consume. They don’t eat: butter, eggs, certain types of sugar, daily frosting and don’t drink milk.

  • Eggs can be replaced with “EnerG Egg Replacer,” which can be bought in many health food stores.
  • Milk – can be replaced with organic rice milk, not containing any animal byproducts. This milk can be found in every local store.
  • Many vegans don’t consume sugar, because while being processed it gets whitened with animal bone char. However there are cane sugars, that are not whitened with bone char, and you can also replace it with beet sugar or sugar in the raw.
  • Your vegan dessert mustn’t contain butter. You can replace it with margarine or vegetable shortening. The taste remains same.
  • Strict vegans neither use dairy frosting. If your recipe requires freezing, you can look for similar flavor of “non-dairy” frosting.

These are the main and key replaces of products for preparing of vegan desserts. Simply replace these elements in your recipe or cake, not only will it be wonderful and delicious, but will also be perfect even for the strict vegans in your nearby.

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The Best 2014 Vegan Desserts

1. Strawberry Ice

Strawberry Ice

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