This Woman Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer, But What Doctors Say Caused It Completely Shocked Her

Wendy Holt is a 51-year-old woman from the UK with an Asian descent. Just like many British women she was diagnosed with breast cancer. What is interesting in her case is that her age, family history, ethnic origin and lifestyle were actually decreasing the chances of developing such vicious disease.This Woman Was Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

In addition, the diagnostic tests have shown some very odd structure of small tumors that are very rare. When she found out that she is suffering from breast cancer and heard about the formation of strange tumors, she had her first suspicion about the cause of this problem.

Wendy has always kept her cell phone in her bra, on the same side where the tumors were found and she’s been doing this for years on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, she did this for more than ten years because she thought that this is the best place to keep her phone. The breast where she kept her cell phone was significantly swollen and this is why she did the test in the first place. The results have shown the presence of a very rare, inflammatory form of breast cancer.

According to Holt, she used her first cell phone back in 1999 and because of the size of her breasts she thought that her bra is a very convenient place to store this device. So, the phone was stored directly on her skin for about 70% of the time, every day in the year. Of course, she didn’t think about the possible consequences. Holt managed to survive this rare type of breast cancer, but sadly this disease has spread to her lymph nodes and lungs.

She is now coping with a terminal illness and according to her doctors she won’t be able to celebrate her next birthday. Holt is now using the time she has to warn other about the negative effects of keeping cell phones close to the skin regularly.

Holt says that there are people who don’t believe in this theory, but she is sure that her unusual way of storing her cell phone will be the reason of her death. The doctor you can see in this video as well as the other experts that were part of her case, support her theory because of the strange structure of tumors which match the way she kept her cell phone inside her bra.

Take some time and watch this video in order to find more info about this shocking story, which should be shared with other people who tend to store their phone in an unusual way. Keep your cell phone in your purse or pocket and avoid skin contact whenever it is possible. Holt has learned this in a difficult way, but she wants to warn other people to avoid this mistake.

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