Whole Foods Joins Monsanto Try to Kill GMO Labeling in America Learn

Some breaking reports point out that Whole Foods Market (WFM) has become a partner with Monsanto. Their idea is to kill the GMO label and to disguise this one with a new “GMO label compromise”. In fact, this is a fake label that requires no labeling of GMOs.

The Food Democracy Now alarmed that these sellout corporations have betrayed the health-conscious customers with a sellout arrangement which makes an illegal GMO labeling.

Whole Foods Joins Monsanto Try to Kill GMO Labeling in America Learn

People were never more deceived on labeling of food than now. By this, Whole Foods sticks to the position of poison-distribution associate of Monsanto, one of the cruelest corporation which produces deadly and poisonous crops loaded with glyphosate and bt toxin, both a cancerous herbicide.

As a result of this betrayal, instead of Whole Foods, this company can be called Poison Foods, because this is what they stick to.

The Food Democracy Now announced that Whole Foods joins Monsanto in order to kill the GMO label in America.

In Washington D.C, the national grassroots organizations demonstrated their shock and rage towards a group of self-named organic companies that have arranged to kill the mandatory GMO label on food products and thus prevent the first state legislation of this kind that was about to happen on July 1st in Vermont, and require a labeling on genetically engineered food in laboratories.

Companies such as Organic Valley, Smucker’s and Whole Foods have spent a lot on advertising campaigns and public relations in order to promote themselves as organic brands. Nowadays, they are being criticized for selling out the GMO label which the environment and public health urge the public to fight back.

Dave Murphy, the executive director of Food Democracy Now stated that these self-described organic companies, Organic Valley, Smucker’s and Whole Foods joined the Monsanto group and sold out the parents’ ability to know what they are feeding their children.

He also added that the new fake labeling bill of Whole Foods and Monsanto will not only prevent Vermont’s bill for that week but all of the provisions are optional. The bill’s language is so poor and not only it does not include 85% of the current GMOs on the market. Such example is the Roundup Ready, Monsanto’s GMO product which the World Health Organization has declared as a carcinogenic product due to the glyphosate it contains.

The Organic Consumers Association and the Food Democracy Now are now leaders of the grassroots pressure campaign that urges the US Senate to block the legislative deal.

Ronnie Cummins, the international director of the Organic Consumers Association, states that the customers need to resist this attack on their right because this is an outrageous attack on their right to know what’s is in their food.

The votes regularly show that almost 90% of the Americans want to know whether they consume a genetically engineered food or not and the Vermont GMO labeling law forced many food companies to reveal GMO contamination in their products.

Cummins also points out that at the last minute, a group of self-described organic leaders such as the head of the Whole Foods Marker, Walter Robb, the CEO of Stonyfield Farm, Gary Hirshberg, the pro GMO labeling group, Just Label It run by the Environmental Working Group, lobbyists for the organic companies inside the Organic Trade Association, made a corrupt agreement with the Congress thus embracing the Dark Act compromise also known as Roberts bill/The Stabenow.

So, a coalition of independent consumers’ groups and family organic companies actively works to get Senators the real truth about this bill while the Organic Trade Association and its organic companies work behind the scenes in order to confuse Senators about the what in fact is in the bill. That’s why millions of people in America actually support GMO label and are not represented by their corrupt interest.

Take an Immediate Action or Be Forever Cheated by Monsanto and Whole Foods

So, call your senator and appeal they vote against this labeling compromise which is implied by Monsanto.

In 2016, July 7, the US Senate voted 63-30 in favor of legislation which requires that GMO products need to be labeled with pictures, words or barcode.

Some support this decision, pointing out that is a step in the right direction while other criticize the vagueness of the bill. What is important is to express your concerns to the government representatives and food industry corporations so that real changes keep on happening.

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