What Wi-Fi, Cell Phones & More are Really Doing to Your Health




The following article is only a summarization of the results of the research related to the dangers that these devices bring. We advise you to perform your own research. This article only wants to warn people that we should not take modern technology for granted.

Are you aware of the fact that the brain of an adult absorbs much less radiation compared to a child’s brain?

This is one of the reasons why Dr. Martin Blank, Ph.D. that work at the Department of Physiology and Cellular Biophysics at Colombia University, has decided to become part of a group of reputed scientists from around the globe who are trying to raise awareness about the dangers that come with the use of different devices that emit electromagnetic waves like Wi-Fi and cell phones.

This is a video that of Dr. Blank where he summarizes the dangers that these devices bring.
Numerous studies have confirmed that radiation that comes from cell phones can lead to cancer. Are you aware of the fact that the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) listed radiofrequency fields (like the ones that come from cell phones) as a possible carcinogen 4 years ago?

These dangers that cell phones being caught the attention of the media that year because even the WHO (World Health Organization) has confirmed that Computer World.

This claim was made after examining evidence.

The evidence was checked by more than 30 scientists from 14 countries.

This is certainly shocking news for many people especially the fact that children are more prone to radiation than adults.

The first generation that used cell phones is now growing up, so in case you are a parent, this is something that you should think about.

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