What Kind Of Woman Are You? A Maid, Princess or Queen….




The woman has one fault, she will never learn about her real VALUE?! There are some women who know how valuable they are – they know how to respect themselves and the others. As a result – They are Happy. But, there are such a women who will never learn how to appreciate themselves, or  to love themselves; They will never see with their own eyes, think with their own head and act to achieve  their own goals. And, of course – They Are Unhappy.

Comparing these two groups of women, we come across to an interesting classification of different types of women and they are: Women – Servants, Women – Princesses and Women – Queens. Realistically, no woman wants to be part of the ‘‘Servants’’ group, but they all want to be Princesses and dream to be Queens.

But, for a woman to become a Queen, first of all (before herself), has to admit honestly the following:

“The way is not easy AT ALL!”

Here’s the route: MAID – PRINCESS – QUEEN. Read it carefully and try to answer the question: “What Kind of Woman Am I?!”

  • Maids dream of having a good fairy. Princesses dream of a wonderful prince on the white horse. Queens do not dream at all – they act immediately.
  • Maids are mentally weak, but physically strong. Princesses are strong, but look weak and helpless. Queens go around without masks- they are what they are.
  • Maids keep up with time. Princesses are always late and come with excuses. Queens always come in time and exactly at the moment when THEY want t appear.
  • Maids blame themselves for everything that happens; Princesses always blame others because they are considered flawless. Queens immediately make conclusions in their advantage.

Maid - Princess - Queen

  • Maids do not know how to win. Princesses do not know how to lose. Queens never compete.
  • Maids consider themselves like a replacement. Princesses consider themselves for the most beautiful. Queens do not have time to look in the mirror.  They are born Hedonists!
  • “Maids” – you may not notice. “Princesses”– you must not miss. ”Queens” – you must not notice them, except when THEY need that.
  • Maids are always obedient. Princesses are always arbitrary. Queens are disciplined and realistic.
  • Maids submit every humiliation. Princesses are thinking of revenge. To humiliate a Queen is impossible and unfeasible.

Maid Cleaning

  • Maids want to get a praise. Princesses require attention. Queens is in a constant search for experience.
  • Maids do not know how to love because they are afraid. Princesses do not know how to wait for love. Queens know that everything that is supposed to be theirs, will come in time.
  • Maids do not want to get out of their children’s world. Princesses do not want to grow old. Queens know that time is doing for them.
  • Maids see the world in black and white color; Princess in pink color; Queens in the colors of the rainbow.
  • Maids are boring, always reeated. Princess are complicated – you can never be able to satisfy them. The Queen’s motto is – “You will never know – What you’ll get”.

PrincessTO BE a servant is complicated.  TO BE a Princess is not much… TO BE a Queen is Worthy!!!

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