7 Reasons To Wash The Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar 

 January 13, 2015

By  Gabriela

The health benefits that natural unfiltered apple cider vinegar brings are known for centuries.

This vinegar is especially helpful as a treatment for improvement of hair quality, its shine and against hair loss.

Wash The Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar

Regular hair washing with apple cider vinegar removes all the chemicals that build up in the hair because of the various hair products we use on a daily basis.

At the same time the vinegar restores the natural pH balance in the hair and helps it growth and improves the health of the scalp.

Furthermore, apple cider vinegar also improves the blood flow in the small blood vessels located under the skin on the head.

At the same time it eliminates the bacteria that cause infections on the scalp and hair resulting in dandruff.

ACV is also good to get rid of acid reflux.

Benefits of Using ACV Hair Rinse

  1. Dandruff removal.
  2. Removes dead skin cells (exfoliation).
  3. Neutralizes the pH value of the hair follicles.
  4. Soothes scalp itching.
  5. Makes the volume of the hair normal.
  6. Adds a shiny (silky) look to the hair.
  7. Encourages hair growth.
Few different ways to use ACV depending on your type of hair:
  • Curly, thick and long hair – one cup of hot water combined with ½ cup of apple vinegar
  • Dyed or chemically treated hair – ½ cup of apple vinegar with two glasses of warm water
  • Straight, short or thin hair – One tablespoon of apple vinegar with one glass of hot water
  • Naturally thick or wild hair – One cup of vinegar combined with three glasses of hot water
Apple cider vinegar rinse hair treatment frequency:
  • Curly, thick and long hair – one in two weeks
  • Dyed or chemically treated hair – once a month
  • Straight, short or thin hair – once a week
  • Naturally thick or wild hair – once in 6 or 8 weeks
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