Vaccine Injury Suspected In Prince’s Death

Earlier today, Prince, whose career as a celebrated singer, songwriter, performer, and producer had spanned decades, was quietly cremated following his unexpected death on April 21, 2016.

While medical officials have not released information related to his cause of death, this hasn’t stopped the public from speculating. Due to the strange events in the days leading up to his body being found in his Paisley Park compound, many believe his death is the result of a vaccine injury.

Vaccine Injury Suspected In Prince’s Death

Although Prince died on April 21, the medical crisis leading up to his death began on April 15th, when his private jet made an emergency landing at a Illinois hospital to treat what was referred to as “a medical emergency.”

On April 16th, he made a brief appearance at Paisley Park After Dark and treated fans to a short performance. According to those in attendance, he appeared to feel better. However, it had already been reported by his people that he was suffering from the flu.

TMZ, well-known celebrity gossip media giant, had already reported on the 15th at 3:30 PM that Prince was potentially battling the flu. They posted, “A rep for Prince tells TMZ, the singer has fighting the flu for several weeks. He canceled 2 shows on April 7th but wanted to make Thursday night’s performance in Atlanta, even though he was still not feeling well.”

After his Atlanta show, he hopped on his private plane, where he began to feel much worse. This led to the emergency landing and his treatment in an IL hospital. Three hours after arriving he was released and returned to his plane to continue his trip home.

The exact medical emergency that caused the plane to land has not been released, but suspicion is that Prince was possibly given a flu shot injection or large dose of Tamiflu. Prince suffers from epilepsy. The flu shot has the potential for causing death in individuals with epilepsy.

Status Epilepticus: Different Types, Different Risks

(The following was posted 7/24/2008)
SE is defined as seizure activity that lasts for over 30 minutes and is considered a medical emergency. The seizure may be continuous or occur as a series of seizures that do not allow for recovery between them. It goes without saying that patients with epilepsy are concerned about the potential consequences of having an episode of SE (source).

Did Prince have a flu shot? Although the answer has not been released, this could hold the key to unraveling his mysterious death. Unfortunately, what is known strongly points to this as a possibility.

So, why do so many individuals die after receiving a flu shot? There are countless reasons.

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