This is How to Use Coconut Oil and Baking Soda to Look 10 Years Younger 

 May 12, 2016

By  Gabriela

Additionally, thanks to this powerful all-natural remedy you will perform a thorough cleaning of your pores and support your quest to eliminate blackheads and acne once and for all.

The reason why this facial cleanser is so efficient is behind the fact that it contains two strong natural ingredients – baking soda and coconut oil.

Coconut oil is known for its ability to provide curing, moisturizing and antibacterial effects. This is also an ingredient that has been used as a product for keeping skin healthy for hundreds of years.

On the other hand, baking soda is an amphoteric structure which means it is able to keep normal pH levels of the skin and protect us from acne.

The Recipe

  • A teaspoon of baking soda (without aluminum);
  • 2 teaspoons of virgin coconut oil.
  • Take the two ingredients, place them in a bowl, and mix them till you make a smooth paste.
  • Place the paste directly on your skin and rub the affected area gently.
  • Leave the paste for 5-6 minutes.
  • Use lukewarm water to remove the paste and while you are carefully rinsing the paste rub the affected area slowly.
  • Keep in mind that you don’t need to apply a cream once you are finished because coconut oil is a natural moisturizer.

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