Top 6 Fruits That Help Lower Uric Acid 

 October 20, 2016

By  Gabriela

High levels of uric acid in the body can cause a form of arthritis called gout. In order to prevent this type of disease, it is of crucial importance to have a good eating habits and proper medication.

Eating a lot of fish, meat, a low-calorie diet or drinking a lots of alcohol can only increase the level of uric acid. However, a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables can significantly lower the uric acid from the body.

Top 6 Fruits That Help Lower Uric Acid

Include the following six fruits to lower your level of uric acid:


They are very beneficial fruits for lowering the uric acid. Practice eating 8-9 bananas a day, for 3-4 days and you will ease the swelling and inflammation of joints due to gout or some other forms of arthritis.

Citrus Fruits

Lemons, oranges, grapefruit, limes and tangerines are especially useful fruits for treating an increased uric acid because they are rich in vitamin C. It’s vitamin C that reduces the levels of this chemical.


They are one of the most significant fruits that fight uric acid. This is due to their ability to neutralize many chemical compounds in the body. You can consume raw strawberries or add them into some smoothie.


They are high in malic acid, a type of acid that neutralizes the uric acid and relieves the pain. It is recommended to eat one apple a day after every meal.


They are loaded with vitamin C and anthocyanins, potent substances that reduce the level of uric acid.


Its anthocyanin, the substance in cherries whose anti-inflammatory properties reduce the levels of uric acid. It prevents crystallization and deposition of the uric acids in the joints. It also prevents pain and inflammation by neutralization of the acids. You should consume 200 gms of cherries on daily basis in order to bring down the uric acid.

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