This Plant in My Home Almost Killed My Daughter in Less Than a Minute




There are dozens of stories told by people who have left their children unattended for a minute only to find out that their children have bitten a part of the leaf of this plant.

After that, their tongue usually gets swollen and kids start choking.

We are presenting you this plant in order to raise the awareness of its dangerous properties and we remind you that there are many other potted plants that have similar properties.

You should always be careful when you leave your children in your home unattended or when they are left in your friends’ home.

Make sure that the area where they are staying is safe.

“This plant almost kill my daughter” is a phrase that we hear a lot these days.

This plant is found in many offices and homes although it is very poisonous.

The plant’s name is Dieffenbachia and all the parts including its juice are very poisonous because they contain large amounts of calcium oxalate.

This Plant in My Home Almost Killed My Daughter in Less Than a Minute

The poison of this plant acts on children in less than 60 seconds and up to 15 minutes for adults.

In case you are keeping such decorative plant at work or at home, we strongly advise you to replace it.

There are many other decorative plants that are equally or more beautiful and less dangerous.

In case you touch it, avoid touching your eyes after that because it is very likely that you will go blind.


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