5 Everyday Things That Destroy Your Teeth in Case You Ignore Them


According to Dr. Sameer Patel (dentist) there are five common problems that can appear in case you eat quickly.

Things That Destroy Your Teeth

1. Hot drinks

Hot tea and coffee are one of those things that destroy your teeth if you consume them in large quantities. You can experience the appearance of dark spots and your teeth may become yellow over time. In addition, the consumption of hot coffee and tea on a regular basis can result in halitosis (bad breath), dehydration and wounds on the lips.

Besides cutting the intake of these drinks, you can also rinse your mouth after you are finished with your drink in order to hydrate this area.

2. Breakfast

We are all aware of the health benefits of using grains, but the truth is that there are many grains on the market that come in the form of muesli or finished mixtures that contain unhealthy additives. In addition, most of them contain unhealthy levels of sugar (about three tablespoons in one recommended meal). Although they can be much healthier than some other foods, they can also be harmful for your teeth.

The best way to consume any type of cereals is to consume them with dairy products. Yogurt and milk can lower the impact of sugar on your tooth health. Dairy products are also packed with vitamin D and calcium; substances known for their ability to improve the health of teeth.

 3. Sandwich

Whilst sandwiches that we can buy from street vendors are very tasty, most of them come with high amounts of sugar used to emphasize the taste of bread used in these sandwiches. These processed carbs found in the bread can lead to the increased presence of bacteria inside the mouth and makes teeth prone to cavities.

If you want to protect your health look for sandwiches in which the bread comes with wholegrain cereals.

4. Snacks

In case you didn’t know, snacks that have dried fruit and vegetables in them, like popcorn for example can bring many problems for your teeth. The sugars found in these snacks are natural, but once they enter your mouth they act like processed sugars. Popcorn leads to appearance of acid in the mouth and can result in damages.

Try to avoid eating snacks frequently and when you do choose snacks that contain pear and apple. They contain more water that can help the system remove acid from the mouth. Of course, by practicing regular brushing of your teeth, the food residue found inside your mouth will be removed and won’t have a chance to affect the health of your teeth. Don’t clean your teeth right after you are finished eating a fruit.5 Everyday Things That Destroy Your Teeth in Case You Ignore Them

5. Cold drinks

We all love tasty shakes, but they have some negative sides too. Fruits are certainly one of the healthiest foods, but they are rich in fruit acid that can bring negative effects to the enamel. In case you chew fruits frequently you should know that you are releasing more acid that affects the teeth.

You don’t need to give up from fruits in order to avoid the negative impact, simply increase the intake of dairy products which contain calcium.

Via Healthy Food Team