The Truth About Cancer and Essential Oils: What NO Oncologist Will Tell You

A Long Beach resident was diagnosed with cancer and since the tumors were very bid, doctors told him that he has just six months left. However, this man didn’t lose his hope and started looking for an alternative treatment. He started applying completely pure organic frankincense oil to the affected area and the tumors reduced their size. This made them suitable for surgery. The man is now alive and kicking. Now let’s see how frankincense oil can help you.

The Truth About Cancer and Essential Oils What NO Oncologist Will Tell You

Although people have used them from ancient times, thanks to modern science, we now have scientific proof that essential oils are very helpful and that they can actually block the growth of cancer by isolating cancerous cells.

When the body is completely healthy, it has a frequency that goes down to 62 and up to 78 MHz On the other hand, if something is wrong, the frequency goes down and at 58 MHz or below, we can expect the occurrence of certain diseases. These changes have grabbed the attention of scientists, so they often measure frequency in human body and how different things affect this frequency. For instance, when a person keeps a cup filled with coffee in his hand, the frequency reaches 58 MHz after 2-3 seconds. What is even worse, this frequency doesn’t return to normal in the same day.

There are some other scientific studies that have confirmed that positive thinking can increase frequency for about 8-10 MHz while negative thinking and attitude drops the frequency for 10-12 MHz.

As previously mentioned, scientists and researchers who are focused on finding a cure for cancer are trying to learn more about the effects of different essential oil like ginger, mint, thyme, cinnamon, grapefruit, lavender and jasmine essential oil on cancer and cancerous cells. The simplest way to test their capabilities is to check their antibacterial strength and their toxicology (outside the human body) against cancer cells taken from humans.

The principal of Eastern Washington University’s Department of Agriculture, Bruce Taino (known for Taino Technology), has come up with a CFM (Calibrated Frequency Monitor) that many researchers use to check essential oil frequencies and their impact on frequency in the human body when they are placed on the body.

For instance, Essential Oils lab relies on CFM and you can find such monitor in Johns Hopkins University where experts use it to test the effects of essential oil frequencies on different illnesses.

According to Mahmoud Suhail (immunologist), cancer begins to develop from the moment when the DNA code found in the nucleus of the cell get to be corrupted. However, certain oils have the ability to reverse this process. They signal the cell and “remind” it about the original DNA code.

The Real Truth about Essential Oils that Nobody Talks About

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are a Must

If you take a close look on the market, you will see that there are offers for many different essential oils. But, the truth is that the majority of them don’t have the required quality because they are usually diluted with the help of alcohol and created in a synthetic way. If you want to feel the benefits of essential oils you must use completely pure high-quality essential oils with therapeutic grade. On top of that, people must use adequate combination and proper proportions of essential oils and this practice must be changed week by week.

According to the author of The Body Electric book, Robert O. Becker (Medical Doctor), our bodies come with specific electrical frequency and it is quite easy to learn more about the individual’s overall health by measuring this frequency. Even one of the greatest scientists of all time, Nikola Tesla was convinced that by isolating our bodies from specific outer frequencies that actually influence the work of many bodily systems, people can develop better resistance to illnesses.

In addition, the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Otto Warburg won this prize by showing that cells in humans come with measurable electrical voltage.

So, it is clear that specific frequencies are able to protect people from the occurrence of different diseases and some frequencies are able to eliminate diseases. Generally speaking, substances that have high frequency can eliminate diseases that have low frequency.

Essential oils or therapeutic grade essential oils to be more precise start at 52 MHz and some of them reach frequencies of 325 MHz. For instance, rose essential oil reaches the highest frequency, frankincense has a frequency of 147 MHz, Lavender – 118 MHz, German Chamomile has frequency of about 105 MHz, Sandalwood – 96 MHz while Peppermint has a frequency of 78 MHz.

Top 10 Essential Oils to Improve Your Health without a Medicine

The Healing Properties of Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

It turns out that jasmine, chamomile, thyme and cinnamon essential oils work best in cases of breast cancer. Studies have confirmed that chamomile has the ability to eliminate 93% of cancerous cells (in in vitro studies). On the other hand, thyme oil managed to eliminate 97% of breast cancer cells which is certainly impressive.

A recent scientific study shared in the popular Industrial Crops and Products journal has shown that chamomile essential oil provide strong antioxidant effects. According to this study, which included the measurement of effects of more than 10 essential oils like thyme, sweet and bitter fennel, lavender, rosemary and of course chamomile, chamomile essential oil possesses the strongest antioxidant properties.

Frankincense Oil as a Cancer Eliminator

According to Suhail, Frankincense oil is able to divide the cancerous cell in two parts – the brain/nucleus from the body/cytoplasm. In this way it stops the nucleus from creating corrupted and dangerous DNA codes.

This essential oil is very efficient because of the presence of monoterpenes. These compounds can aid the body’s effort to eliminate cancerous cells while they are still developing, but they can also be helpful when the cancer is progressing. In other words, frankincense oil is good for cancer patients no matter when the cancer is diagnosed.

Using frankincense in cancer therapies has a potential to make breakthrough in the entire concept of healing cancer. At the present time, when doctors use chemotherapy, they are not only eliminating cancer cells, but they also destroy healthy cells which makes the sufferer weaker. Obviously, frankincense oil has the ability to identify cancerous cells and eliminate them without harming healthy cells.

Dr. Suhail highlights the fact that there are more than 15 active agents in this oil. The budwig center has shared many amazing stories of patients suffering from cancer and other similar disease that were able to improve their condition with the help of different essential oils.

Deadly Liver Cancer

A Long Beach resident shares the story about her husband. Her partner was diagnosed with a deadly liver cancer that was developing so quickly that it wasn’t possible to perform any surgery. Doctors had nothing else to do, but to warn the patient that his life is coming to an end. They thought that he doesn’t have more than 6 months left. However, his wife have read several stories about the benefits of completely pure frankincense oil and decided to give this oil a try.

The patient used this oil externally on top of his liver and right under the tongue every day. After a month, they have visited the doctor’s office and he noticed that the tumors are reduced in size. This made the patient even more persistent and he continued using this incredible oil on a daily basis. The next time they have visited the doctor’s office, the tumors were reduced more and he was able to get a surgery.

Thanks to the surgery, the cancer was successfully eliminated even though he lost 75% of the liver. The good news is that he is now healthy and continues with his everyday normal life.

A Child with Brain Cancer

A 5-year-old girl was diagnosed with brain cancer, but his parents wanted to try an alternative method- they’ve used a mixture of one drop of frankincense and sandalwood essential oil on the sole of the feet together with lavender oil used on the wrist. After a few months, the brain cancer was completely gone.

A Woman with Bladder Cancer

Jackie Hogan was an ordinary woman who was diagnosed with an uncommon form of bladder cancer. The doctors agreed that she will have to remove the bladder after a while. The good thing is that Jackie learned more about the medicinal properties of frankincense essential oil. She read about the study conducted at the University of Oklahoma in which scientists used a mixture of frankincense and sandalwood oil to eliminate cancer cells. The results were amazing – Jackie managed to save her bladder.

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