The Tale of the HPV Vaccines – It’s All a Giant Deadly Scam




How safe is the Human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine? Many of you might be arguing that vaccines are a necessity. And they are, there is no question about that. But sometimes, the statistics around those vaccines tell a different story.

The HPV vaccines have been in debate for a long time for their safety. And now, one of the leading scientists involved in its research has spoken out against it. If you felt that all vaccines are beneficial, consider these statistics. According to Dr. Diane Harper, who was one of those tasked with taking care of the vaccine safety tests for Phase II and Phase III, the dangers are many. She was one of those responsible for the launch of Gardasil and Cervarix vaccines.

Harper’s Story

Today, Harper is one of the growing numbers of experts who have spoken out against the use of vaccines.

Dr. Harper came out with the difficulties and dangers in the 4th International Convention on Vaccination that took place in Reston, Virginia. The event, slated to highlight the positive effects of the vaccines, instead saw her telling about just Wusa 9.

Dr. Harper, who has authored a number of academic and scholarly papers on this subject, talked just about why there was no need for vaccines in the first place. Taking a total U-turn in the event, she stated how the cervical cancer cases in the U.S. remained low. According to her, the rate of cervical cancer cases within the States will largely remain unaffected even if someone takes the vaccine. Of those who were diagnosed with cervical cancer, 70% recovered within the first year itself while nearly 90% recovered within the first two years.

Considering the safety angle, she said how the tests were done on 15-year-olds even though the product itself was being marketed to be taken by nine-year-old girls.

And of the people who had trials, nearly 44 them died from the vaccinations. Worse, nearly 15,037 of the girls who took the vaccines have reported side effects of one kind or the other. One should note that the number of reported cases can differ from the actual number of girls who experienced side effects from the vaccine because not all would go into the hassle of reporting.

Some of the disastrous side effects included the Guillain Barre Syndrome, which can cause paralysis (both temporary or permanent) and can even lead to the death of the patient through suffocation. The other side effects included lupus, seizures, blood clots, and more serious ones like brain inflammation.

Harper, who was involved in the development of the vaccine, said that she was stating the facts because she wanted to clear up her conscience. Another important fact to be considered is that while 98% of those taking the HPV vaccine at some point or stage in their life will not experience any side effects, in the other 2%, it can lead to the development of precancerous cells.

Interestingly, the two vaccines are marketed as preventing cervical cancer. More so, because there is no direct relationship that Harper could see between the vaccination and the different cancers that it can prevent. Harper even went on to say that there was no evidence the vaccine could prevent any type of cancer because the manufacturer themselves say that the vaccine will work only on 4 out of the 40 strains for the specific venereal disease. The statistic isn’t really a bright one.

The Aftermath

Since Harper came out with the facts, she has been on the receiving end of many claims, which try to prove her false. Even The Sunday Express fabricated many of her quotations to make her look in a bad light. She has since then explained and clarified her position both to The Guardian and CBS News where she has stated that the vaccines put children and females at unnecessary risks. Without any benefits, they just put them at graver risks as severe side effects have come to light.

The death rate has been reported to be around 3.4 for every 100,000 doses. What’s more alarming is that as many serious side effects have been reported as there are deaths by cervical cancer each year. Harper further adds that many of the deaths have not been reported, or have been underreported. It is important that parents know the risks they are making their children go through. More, vaccine takers might just assume that they are free from the risk of developing cancer, which in reality may not be so. This false sense of belief that Gardasil can prevent any type of cancer, on an unfounded basis, is extremely dangerous.

Another expert who started speaking about this topic is the former pharmaceutical industry physician with Merck, Dr. Bernard Dalbergue. He says the vaccine will prove to be worthless when it comes to treating cervical cancer. On the other hand, its great adverse effects which might even lead to death will show the vaccine has been created only to generate profit for the producers.

Situation Today

In a major development, The National Vaccine Information Center has confirmed that Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski have both filed a lawsuit against Merck, their former employer. Merck, the vaccine manufacturer, has been accused of defrauding the U.S. and its citizens by overstating the effectiveness of its vaccines for nearly 10 years.

The virologists state that they have witnessed themselves how the company had falsified findings and rigged lab tests to enhance the effectiveness of the vaccines.

Merck sells vaccines worth more than $20 Billion a year and with a cozy relationship between vaccine makers and federal agencies, these incidents may not be so uncommon. The healthcare industry is seeing pharmaceutical Giants who are more interested in driving profits than having moral accountability.

The Tale of the HPV Vaccines – It’s All a Giant Deadly Scam 2

Vaccines like those for polio and measles have benefitted the world at large for decades now. But it seems that the trend is now changing with these companies interested in only making profits. The fact that ethics do not matter to these pharmaceutical Giants can also be seen in Frontline’s new documentary titled “ACD” which shows the dark side of these companies.

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