The Shape of Your Nose Says a Lot About You! It is Not a Coincidence




Are you aware of the fact that the look of your nose says a lot about your personality? The shape of your snoot can help people understand who you are.

Snub, upturned, hooked; these are some of the shapes that we often see in people’s noses.

Check the images below and find your nose.

The way your nose looks is associated with the shape of your bones and connective tissue. Since there are many different shapes of bones and tissues almost every nose is unique.

However, a study published in the reputable Journal of Craniofacial Surgery has shown that there are 14 distinctive types of noses. There are 10 among them that are quite common – small, large, short, long, Roman, Greek, Nubian, snub, upturned and hooked.

A team of scientists has analyzed the size and shapes of people’s noses and they have found that the shapes depend on people’s:

  • Emotional/mental stability;
  • Personality;
  • Ethnicity.

Stand in front of the mirror and analyze your nose and after found your type below.

Each description will provide additional information about you.

You will also understand more about the people around you. Reading noses in the right way can actually improve your social life.

Nasal Characteristics

In order to determine your exact type of nose, you need to identify the characteristics of your nose. There are four visible elements on your nose:

  • Bridge – a part that comes with saddle-like appearance located between the eyes;
  • Septum – the wall between the nostrils;
  • Nostrils – two round openings at the end of the nose;
  • Cartilage – a soft flexible tissue at the end of the septum.

Nasal Landmarks

Crucial Indications

Nasal features are closely related to personality characteristics. These are some of the connections:

  • Nose type – linked to money

An individual with a relatively large tip is a good financial planner. In case the tip is pointed or small, they don’t care much about money. A tip that is placed upward has a similar stance. A downward tip means that the person is managing money in the right way.

  • Nose cleft linked to commitment

Women should pay more time analyzing the nose cleft. An opening in the nose should trigger an alarm. It indicates difficulty when it comes to commitment. This fissure can be located straight down the middle or on the sides of the tip.

  • Nostril width related to spending habits

Relatively large nostrils are a sign of a passionate spender. Small nostrils mean the opposite.

  • Nostril handles related to family connections

Nostril handles are the cartilage surrounding the nostrils. If they are thick then the individual is attached to their family. On the other hand, thin nostrils mean social indifference.

Now let’s highlight the essentials of nose shapes.


In order to label one nose as large, it must be disproportionate when compared to the other elements of the face. Large noses have wide tips and large nostrils. The bridge itself can be both long and short. A large nose is associated with leadership and ambition.

Those who have such noses usually like to work for themselves – they are not team players. They are self-confident and have high self-esteem. These people are not afraid of challenges and taking risks. They are supporters of the concept of perfectionism. Even though they are lighthearted they can sometimes get emotional too.

Largephoto credit: a3.files.biography
Celebrity Spotlight – Jimmy Durante


A nose that belongs to this group is small in both width and length.

The tip of the nose is not very sharp or round.

People with short noses are usually very kind, pleasant, and sensitive.

They have beautiful personalities.

They are also known for their creativity and desire to have fun.

They are true team players.

Although their noses are small they definitely have big hearts.

They are always ready to help others and they are often part of charity organizations.

Smallphoto credit:
Celebrity Spotlight – Katie Holmes


People who are decisive usually have long noses. They are fond of travel, sports, and action. Due to their dynamic personality, they need movement, freedom, and room.

They are people of action and tend to finish all their tasks fast which means that they are very efficient. They are also intuitive. They are good businesspersons and excellent leaders.

Longphoto credit:
Celebrity Spotlight – Joni Mitchell


There are many people who are proud owners of short noses. These people are sensitive but very loyal.

They are also sympathetic, kind, and pleasant. Most of them are shy and introverted. They are not afraid of hard-working.

Shortphoto credit:
Celebrity Spotlight – Charlize Theron


For many people having a Greek type of snoot is ideal. This straight-looking nose shape has pointed tips and narrow nostrils. The nasal bridge is long and high. Greek nose is associated with many positive things like good skills, positive energy, intelligence, compassion, romanticism, and composure.

This shape is associated with good leaders too. They are usually successful and very disciplined.

Greekphoto credit:
Celebrity Spotlight – Emma Stone


Roman artists usually painted specific shapes of noses and that’s how this type of name got its name.

It comes with an arched and relatively high bridge and it is longer than an average nose.

It is directed downward and this is what makes it different than the Greek nose.

It also has a specific upper bulge.

Cleopatra, Princess Diana, and Margaret Thatcher are some of the famous people who had Roman noses.

This nose is associated with courage and authority.

It is passionate, charismatic, and symbolizes determination.

Romanphoto credit: i.huffpost
Celebrity Spotlight – Daniel Radcliffe


The hooked nose is also known as eagle or hawk nose. All these terms are self-explanatory. Many people of Jewish and Italian descent have this type of nose. Hooked nose owners are people who are very independent. They are charismatic and enthusiastic.

They are attached to family and friends. In addition, they are also well-organized, ambitious, and productive. They are great leaders. They never make decisions without making a thorough analysis.

Hookedphoto credit: E TimesCelebrity Spotlight – Barbra Streisand


Upturned noses are known as a celestial type of nose too. This nose has slopes similar to ski jump. The ascending of the nose is a symbol of optimism.

People with upturned noses are nurturing, loving, and careful. They radiate positive vibes. They are all about family and friends.

Upturnedphoto credit: i.imgu
Celebrity Spotlight – Elizabeth Olsen


The Nubian nose is characterized by wide nostrils and flatness. The bridge is placed very low.

People with a Nubian nose are explorers and they are also open-minded people. They are very creative and charismatic.

Nubianphoto credit: Top Health NewsCelebrity Spotlight – Barack Obama


The snub nose is one of the cutest on this list.

It is round and small with a tip that is turned up.

Those who have snub noses are very creative.

They are excellent team players and know how to act fast.

They follow their instincts and they are very productive.

Snub nose bearers are completely devoted to their families.

SnubCelebrity Spotlight – Carey Mulligan

Use this information to improve your personality and social relationships. Now that you have the necessary information to analyze people around you get to work. Analyze your nose and the noses of people close to you.

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