Suffering from Headaches, Fatigue and More, Forks Over Knives and Plant-Based Diet Changed My Life




About one year ago, the life of one ordinary person changed completely. She found the popular documentary called Forks over Knives by accident and the changes in her life started. With the help of this movie, she was able to change her views on food and drinks and how our diet affects our health. She finally realized why she is experiencing headaches, fatigue, constipation and nausea frequently. Suffering from Headaches, Fatigue and More, Forks Over Knives and Plant-Based Diet Changed My LifeOnce she decided to embrace the plant-based diet and started working out she noticed a few health improvements including:

  • High levels of energy
  • Falling asleep faster and higher quality of sleep
  • Regular bowel movements (the constipation was gone)
  • Better skin health
  • Weight loss.

In the past, this individual visited her doctor on a regular basis complaining about all these health problems. However, when she started this program and started following a healthy lifestyle, she visited the doctor only once for a regular checkup.

The doctor couldn’t believe how healthy she was. He compared the records and said that the results are incredible. The doctor was also very surprised to hear that it was the radical change in her diet that led to this positive transformation. He thought that she was taking some supplements but he was wrong.

It didn’t take much time before she convinced her husband Frank to start following this natural path to better health and life. After a few months, Frank didn’t need the blood pressure drugs he used regularly and the psoriatic arthritis that caused him a lot of problems was gone.

Today, they both have perfect weight and this is something that they didn’t have for many years.

After half a year of practicing this interesting plant-based lifestyle, she started exercising. This happened right after her regular medical checkup and the positive results she got.

She started walking in the neighborhood or cycling every once in a while. Jogging was also one of her choices for physical activity.

This person also decided to become part of the 5K race organized by AHA – American heart Association. She wanted to pay respect to her father who died as a result of congestive heart failure. She was preparing for more than 45 days and as a result of that she was able to finish this event in less than half an hour.

This individual is 39 years old and she claims that she has never felt more alive and healthy. With the help of the healthy choices she makes each day she is no longer afraid from modern diseases. If you want to find out more about her lifestyle you can check the movie that served as inspiration.

Via Forks Over Knives

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