Stop Giving Fluoride Toothpaste to Children

According to Dr. David Kennedy, no amount of fluoride is safe. Even if you get in touch with it by using a toothpaste and spitting it out, the fluoride levels in the blood will still increase.

So what is that doing to yours and your kids’ health?

Dr. David Kennedy was asked if there’s some way that he can tell that the x amount of fluoride can result in x amount of cancer, will it be correct to think that no level of water is safe for fluoridation?

He answers that he believes that’s true. He mentions Dr. Marcus to ask how a scientist can create a safe exposure level.

He believes that it will most likely wound up as lead, although the amount of lead we should be exposed to is zero.

It was Dr. Marcus who got lead out of the water initially, and more toxic than lead is fluoride.

So nowadays people are concerned about lead, but they give their kids something even more toxic to brush their teeth, and that’s ridiculous.

Dr. Kennedy continues to say that if he presumably comes up with an arsenic toothpaste, it’ll be regarded as safe since we will spit it out.

But, we can’t just spit things out of our mouth. The level of fluoride in the blood rises even if you do a topical treatment or give a dab of toothpaste to your kids, and make them spit it out.

The mouth absorbs everything that goes in it, including the fluoride from the toothpaste.

The conclusion is to prevent your kids putting stuff in their mouth that you wouldn’t put in their meal.

If that stuff is not a nutrient, food, it means it doesn’t belong in the mouths of your kids.

Watch The Interview With Dr. David Kennedy

Via Get Holistic Health