How to Stop a Fatal Heart Attack in Just 1 Minute




Many people are not aware of the fact that they can stop a fatal heart attack only by using the simple, but very powerful chili pepper – cayenne pepper.

Even more amazing is the fact that cayenne pepper can stop a fatal heart attack in about 1 minute!

How To Stop A Fatal Heart Attack Using Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper was researched by many famous healers like Dr. Richard Schulze, N.D., and Dr. John Christopher, N.D. They were all amazed by the health benefits that this type of pepper brings.

According to Dr. John Christopher, thanks to cayenne pepper, Healthline who was experiencing a heart attack and his career is 35 years long. He is using a cup of cayenne tea (one teaspoon of cayenne pepper in a cup of water) for patients that are still breathing. After 1 minute, the patients are safe and sound.

What makes these claims more relevant is the fact that these healers are speaking from their own personal experience and not about some experiments performed in a controlled environment.

There are a few ways in which cayenne pepper can be used and a few of them are extremely efficient methods of suppressing the causes of a heart attack. They are practiced by the healers we have mentioned before.

What to do if someone has a heart attack?

First, cayenne pepper must have at least 90.000 heat units according to the Scoville scale (a function of capsaicin concentration). In case there is cayenne pepper with these properties around, the patient should be given a mixture of one teaspoon of cayenne powder in a glass or cup of water and give it to the patient to drink. Of course, the patient must be conscious and breathing.

In case the person is unconscious, you can use a cayenne extract, but once again keep in mind that it should have at least 90.000 heat units. Simply place a couple of drops underneath their tongue. Remember that many healers claim that they have never lost a patient when practicing this procedure.

Other Uses of Cayenne

Cayenne pepper can be used for a few other things. For example, many healers use cayenne pepper as a form of catalyst in a mixture with other herbs. Cayenne pepper can be added in almost all herbal combinations except nervine herbal combinations. This type of pepper is a strong stimulant and it accelerates the metabolism, which results in better digestion and absorption of nutrients. Thanks to cayenne pepper, any herbal combination becomes more powerful and useful.

Stop a Heart Attack - Cayenne Pepper

In fact, it is often used this way in formulas for arthritis, various female complaints, infections, heart or circulatory issues, laxatives, diuretics, ulcers, thyroid issues, etc.

The Nutritional Profile of Cayenne Pepper

Scientists have confirmed the presence of at least 26 nutrients in cayenne. Some of the most important minerals found in cayenne pepper are calcium, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. Besides minerals, cayenne is rich in vitamins too – vitamin C and vitamin A. In addition, those who consume cayenne pepper will increase the level of dietary and crude fiber and carbs in their system.

Cayenne pepper is definitely one of the most powerful natural spices that can do miracles in cases of a heart attack.

Source: Natural News

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