What Will Happen If You Stop Drinking Coffee for a Month

(HealthAndLovePage) If you suffer from dermatological problem such as acne or an inflammatory process, you should stop drinking coffee.

The journalist Deven Hopp quit consuming coffee and the results surprised her.

He had dermatological problem and got the dermatologist’s advice to stop drinking coffee for 24 days. Coffee, actually, has a high amount of caffeine containing harmful acids and that is the reason why it is the cause for most of the skin problems. Consummation of large amount of coffee dehydrates the skin and it acts as a diuretic.

The results of Deven Hopp’s experiment are interesting. After the first week without consummation of coffee, pimples decreased and her face began to subside. After the third week her skin was not completely transformed, but pores were tightened and her face was visibly hydrated. Deven wanted to be satisfied with her skin appearance, so that is why she decided to stop consuming coffee for a long time.What Will Happen If You Stop Drinking Coffee for a MonthAt the beginning she thought she would not be able survive the day without her daily caffeine dose, but she did it. After 24 days she again accepted the challenge – not to consume coffee for another 24 days.


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