Do You Have a Spot on Your Iris? This Is What It Means!

Eyes can give away more than a person’s feelings. They can tell you a lot about one’s health as well.

Iridologists have known for centuries that eyes are extension of our nervous system.Do You Have a Spot on Your Iris This Is What It Means

They have many blood vessels, nerve endings, and tissues connected to every organ in our body.

Dr. Bernard Jensen describes eyes as tiny TV screens displaying the most remote parts in our body by wave of nerve reflex reactions, in his book Iridology Simplified.

Eye Spots Meaning

If eyes are the mirror of a person’ health, what do spots on the iris mean? Unfortunately, not a positive thing.

These little brown, red, or green spots on the iris are known as psora spots.

They indicate presence of toxins in the body tissues, which often enter in the body through environment or Science Daily. The location of the spot gives the exact affected area.

The below chart by Dr. Bernard Jensen explains what hidden problem lays behind the location of your iris dot. For instance, the location of the psora spot on the image shows problem with toxins in the bladder.

Luckily, these spots can reduce in size and prevalence and ultimately disappear with medical supervision, time, and proper detox measures. Once it disappear, it will mean the affected part of the body has been cleansed. Acidophilus is one supplement that can help your body quickly eliminate harmful bacteria and toxins.

iridology_chart_large-750x553Visit Your Doctor!

Although determining the potential health problem with the help of Dr. Jensen’s chart and your psora spot is a good thing, you shouldn’t forget consulting with your doctor before you try to solve your health problem on your own.

You can easily mistake melanoma or other condition with your seemingly psora spot. Therefore a proper expert will help you rule out all the possible health issues.

Via David Wolfe