THIS is What Your Shoes are Doing to Your Knees and Back!

There are many people who have problematic tastes when it comes to footwear. Let’s be clear, most of them select very trendy designs, but they forget that the basic purpose of wearing shoes is to protect this part of the body and the trendy appearance should not be a crucial factor when we are choosing footwear.THIS is What Your Shoes are Doing to Your Knees and Back!Unfortunately, the majority of shoes found on the market today were not created according to the needs of our postural alignment and feet.  For instance, there are many trendy shoes with raised heels, which often lead to imbalance between our knees and back. If we wear these shoes for some time, we will probably start noticing pain.

This means that in case you are dealing with knee or back pain, it is very likely that your shoes are wearing are part of the problem. Whenever we are running or walking, the knees absorb a lot of stress and pressure. Your body weight directly affects the work of the knees.

Of course, the knees are naturally created and designed to withstand weight, but they can be effective only in cases where the body is adequately aligned. So, if you wear shoes with very high heels, you can expect adequate alignment.

On top of that, in case you have a BMI equal to 25 or even more, every additional pound means three additional pounds of stress and pressure on the knees whenever you are walking or 10 whenever you are running. In other words, if you are not wearing proper shoes, your knees will be suffering a lot.

But, how can one know whether some shoes are good or bad?

According to Jenny Kitchen, experienced podiatrist, experiencing pain is one of the most obvious indicators that something is not right.

There are many women who are talking about their sore and blistered feet after spending a night out in town on raised heels. The situation is similar for men wearing trendy dress shoes. If we think about foot reflexology, this won’t be a surprise. We should never think about fashion and looks before we consider the practicality of our shoes.

Jenny Kitchen also advises people who experience problems with feet and knees, to be prepared to spend more (not much more) in order to buy proper shoes that have solid heels, shock-absorbing abilities and deep and soft toe box.

Via David Wolfe