This is What The Shape of Your Butt Says About Your Health




A surprising fact, the shape of your butt can show a variety of information about a person’s health condition. Butt is not only serving as a fat storage, but more than that.

The scientists stated that the storage of fat in the chest and torso are more dangerous than the storage in the hips and buttocks.
Storage of fat in the hips can reduce the risk of some diseases, such as heart disease, artery disease and diabetes.

In women, the hormone that directs fat storage is very important in determining the health condition further. A study also states that people with slightly bigger backs also tend to be more intelligent.

Research found that women with large buttocks tend to have low cholesterol content and is able to produce more hormone needed to metabolize sugar. Big butt needs more Omega-3 fats useful to catalyze the development of the brain, in other words, large buttock has been associated with brain health.

The Shape of Your Butt

Square Derriere

This form indicates that the person has little fat around the love handles, or one does not have strong glutes. Some sports are designed to reduce excess fat around the waist at the same time strengthen the glute muscles.

Circle Booty

This form indicates that the person has some fat storage near the top of the glutes. People with this form of ass could be very easily removing the extra fat on the bottom.

Heart Shaped Bum

This is the most idealized form. This form indicates that excess fat is stored in the upper thigh. Along with increasing age in women, this type tends to lose fat faster.

“V” patootie

It is a common butt shape of the old woman. Fat from the bottom will move to other parts of the body along with increased age and lack of estrogen. If you have this shape, it is advisable for you to remove fat as soon as possible to protect your heart. Perform regular exercise.

Check out the video below to get more detailed info!

Via David Wolfe | Curious Mind Magazine

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