What Happens if You Eat a Little of This Hypnotic Powder before Bedtime

You should not take salt in large quantities, but it strengthen the immune system, reduces headache and increases the body energy.  Salt and sugar have not healthy properties. That’s why they are not recommended in large amounts.

However, they have positive sides too, especially the mix of salt and sugar, which is very good for your health.
Salt and Sugar Sleepy DustThis explained Matt Stone in his book “Eat for Heat”, the author of many other books for metabolism and nutrition. You are wondering why you are waking up at the middle of the night?

According to a study,  42% of Americans reported waking up in the middle of the night and 29% finding it difficult to fall back asleep. There must be an answer. The reason is that you are literally under stress.

Now when we found the answer, what is the solution? Salt and sugar! This mix is “a must” for the stress that appears at night. It allows a production of energy and respiration of cells.

Just put the mixture in your mouth below the tongue if you wake up at the middle of the night with a feeling of stress and adrenaline. The sugar will help you reduce the production of the stress hormones. Leave the salt and sugar mix close to your bed because these hormones are the reason why you wake up at night.

Using salt and sugar mixture to manage the stress is not considered as unhealthy, because the sugar does not have the effect of causing hyperactivity when is used in small quantities.

How To Make Hypnotic Powder Using Salt and Sugar

The best way to do this sweet and salty mixture is with sea salt and brown sugar. If you do not have brown sugar and sea salt, ordinary salt and sugar are also good way.

Hypnotic Powder Mix Ratio

  • 1 tablespoon of salt
  • 5 tablespoon of sugar

Put the ingredients in a baggie and shake it well. You need 2 minutes to do this. After you do this, put a small pinch with your fingers, or a spoon under your tongue after you shake the bottle. You can do this before sleeping or when you wake up at night. This will put you back to sleep in no time.

Via Healthy Food Team