How to Easily Remove Moles and Warts & Stop Them from Coming Back Using Hydrogen Peroxide




Are you dealing with skin moles, skin tags and/or warts? Do you want to eliminate them in a natural way? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article we will help you learn why warts and mole appear and what you can do to eliminate them in a natural way and prevent their re occurrence.

So, this article will be separated into two parts. The first one will be focused on the environment that is good for the appearance of moles and warts and the second part will be dedicated to natural techniques of removing them.

Warts and Moles are Just Signs That The Body Must be Detoxified

First of all, let’s talk about the internal environment you have. People must know that the body is just an organism that reflects and binds different parts. Let’s take reflexology for example. Reflexology experts use charts where they mark the areas of the feet that are linked to certain organs.

The practitioners of this ancient method add pressure to specific points on the feet that are tight and cramped in order to bring benefits to certain organs like the heart or liver.

In addition, your eyes and the appearance of your face can also tell a lot about the condition of the internal environment. In other words, the body is just a reflection of what is going on inside.

Many people know that there are so-called meridian lines that cross our body and these lines are also linked to specific organs. For instance, the arms have three different meridian lines – an inner line, outer line and middle line. So, if you notice that there a small wart has appeared on some part of your arm and short after that another wart that is located in the same line this usually means that there is something wrong with some of your organs.

For instance, if this change is on the so-called liver meridian, then you should know that there is some buildup in the liver that will probably show itself in the form of spots on the skin. In some cases these spots may appear on the back or on the foot, but they can also appear on the chest or leg. They can literally appear in any place. However, if you know how to use and “read” these charts dedicated to the bodily meridians and determine where the warts and moles appear, you will know what to do.

In most cases the problem usually has its roots in the lack of balance and harmony in some of our internal organs and you will be able to take some measures to solve these problems. Burning or cutting moles and warts is just a cosmetic solution that doesn’t provide long-term effects. It is crucial to work on your internal environment.

So, the appearance of warts and moles is our body’s way to signal us that the liver or the lungs or some other organ is toxic and that it is the right time to take some actions.

Pay Attention to The Early Warning Signs and Detoxify The Body

So, in case you are dealing with warts and moles that appear all of a sudden, then you must determine what triggers them (which organ) and do something to cleanse that organ. What is interesting is that even though you might need a liver, lung, gallbladder or kidney cleanse, the truth is that any cleanse will be good for all these organs.

We have all seen products and recipes for liver cleanse, bladder cleanse and so on, but the truth is that when you perform any of these procedures you will be able to detoxify the entire body at once. None of the organs is left untreated. The most important thing is to find an efficient, natural cleanser and release all the toxins from the body.

In this article we will talk about the things you can do to clean the colon because in most cases the reduced capacity of the colon is the reason why all other internal organs are not working optimally. Our colon is the area where all the leftovers, toxins and unused compounds are found and when there are huge amounts of these compounds the colon creates pressure on the liver and the blood turns acidic and adds pressure on our kidneys.

In addition, people start experiencing sinus congestion and our lungs suffer too because they are trying to get rid of the toxins. As you can see it all starts and ends with the colon. A good colon cleanse will definitely help you.

A Few Easy Steps to Bring Back Smooth, Soft and Rejuvenated Skin Free of Blemishes

When it comes to the external environment, in case you deal with moles and skin tags, you can always use 35% H202 (H202 (hydrogen peroxide)) dab applied on the skin tag or mole with the help of a cotton swab.

If you follow this advice and practice it five times a day for two or three days, these skin problems will be removed. Contrary to popular belief, hydrogen peroxide is a natural compound that doesn’t harm our body. The white blood cells that we have produce and release hydrogen peroxide to eliminate dangerous bacteria and viruses.

In other words, this is a process that goes on both inside and outside – externally you are using hydrogen peroxide on the skin tags or moles to eliminate them and inside the body you support the production of this compound to prevent re-occurrence.

In case you have sun spots or small white marks, you can use Guasha. If you have never heard about Guasha, you should know that this is the name of a process that involves the use of vodka and bicarbonate soda to create scrubber brush which needs to be rubbed directly on the body. With its help you will clean the skin thoroughly.

It is highly recommended to get out once you are done because in this way you can get tanned in a safe way. If you want additional protection from the sun you can use coconut oil. Of course, this natural ingredient is efficient only for low levels of sun exposure. Those who want to improve the health of their skin can use Shea butter, cacao butter and essential oils too. Perform some experiments and create different solutions. You will be surprised by the amazing results.

If You Think That it is Not a Good Idea to It, Then You Should Not Use it on The Skin Either

In case you believe that you should not eat it, you should probably not use it on the body. In other words, any ingredient you purchase and put on the body should be edible too. Of course, there are mixtures of different natural ingredients that should not be consumed, but all the ingredients should be edible separately.

Maintaining the external environment with natural products will also help you keep the internal environment safe and healthy. Don’t forget that the things we apply on the skin reach our bloodstream too because they penetrate through the skin. So, the internal environment and external environment are linked.

Everything you’ve read here sounds easy – simply detoxify the colon and everything will be much better. However, being healthy and keeping your health is not a short-term process. You must spend some time making changes and using methods that will help you keep your body free of toxins.

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