Relieve Difficulties in a Matter of Hours With Your Finger Positions

A mudra is  a special way of holding the fingers and hands to help bring balance and healing.  In Sanskrit, it means connection and flow.  Mudras are basically gestures that allow us to receive messages from the nerve endings in our fingers and acts accordingly upon the gestures.  This way the body can communicate with the mind so a natural balance is established.  There are many healing properties to mudras.

Did you know that you can not only strengthen the immunity in the body but also boost the mood?  Mudras will also ensure quality sleep, help compensate for lost energy, remove mental and physical pains, and increase concentration.  Certain centers in the human brain may also be activated by doing mudras.

Vayu mudra is also known as Wind.  It provides a quick improvement, with results being seen in only 10 hours after first doing it.  It will work great against headaches, but also on rheumatism.  It can work on anxiety as well as decreasing the trembling associated with Parkinson’s disease, and will also balance any work of the endocrine system.

The movement will allow the skin to be better hydrated and the body to have better circulation. If you can practice this early in the morning, this is the best time.  Do for 15 minutes at a time.

To do this mudra, you will begin by bending the forefinger so it can be accepted with the thumb on the first joint.  Stretch the rest of the fingers out.  You may sit or stand or even lie down to do this.  The laying down position is ideal for those that are bedridden.

Use a gentle touch during this procedure.  Do the mudras at the same time on each hand.  One can hold this position for up to 45 minutes.  Improvement on the body will happen within a week or two.

The best results will be seen in a session that lasts for 45 minutes.  One may wish to break up the total time into smaller segments, for 5 or 10 minute sessions, working up to 45 minutes per day.

The Mudra Position That is Wonderful for Your Health

Mudra is a form of exercise in which the hands and fingers are used to bring balance to the body.  Mudra comes from Sanskrit, which means a gift of joy.  It can also mean flow and connection in this language.  To have inner balance and health, there will be a free flow of energy released. This will allow our bodies to receive optimal health and help to renew our energies.

Mudras are like a silent language in which energy will flow freely from our bodies.  The brain will receive a message by doing certain mudras and then act accordingly.  The body will react so that a natural balance can be restored.  There are many healing properties that are associated with mudras.  Did you know that they can help strengthen the immunity, remove physical and mental pains, increase concentration, and compensate for energy that has been lost?  They can even improve our moods and help us sleep better.  One study even showed that by doing mudras, we are able to help the human brain become more activated.

Relieve Difficulties in a Matter of Hours With Your Finger Positions

Vayu mudra is also referred to as Wind.  This mudra will help bring improvements of health conditions within just 10 hours of doing the exercise.  It has been known to help against headaches, as well as work against rheumatism.  It can help with anxiety, decrease the trembling found in those that suffer with Parkinson’s disease, and also balance the work of the endocrine system. This exercise should be practiced daily for 15 minutes at a time, working up to 45 minutes.

To do Vayu mudra, bend the forefingers of each hand so the thumb can hold it down at the first joint.  Leave the remaining three fingers stretched out.  This exercise can be done sitting, standing or laying down.  It is often best if you are seated to place the hands on the thighs.  Just use a gentle touch, never pressing too hard.  Rely on the inner feelings of your body.  Improvement will begin within a week to one month.  Best results are seen when 45 minute sessions are done, but if you cannot do all 45 minutes at once, you can do 10 to 15 minute sessions at a time, working up to the full 45 minutes.

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