The Real Reason You Should Quit Sugar + How To Cut It Out Of Your Life For Good




It’s a well-known fact that sugar is bad for us since it offers zero nutrition, it packs around our belly, and it rots our teeth.

However, these sugar’s crimes are actually its least dangerous, and the biggest reason for you to quit sugar is that it’s extremely pro-inflammatory food.

The Real Reason You Should Quit Sugar + How To Cut It Out Of Your Life For GoodAccording to a research, the chronic, body-wide inflammation is related to various modern diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Moreover, this inflammation can cause wrinkled skin, painful joints and more, thus contributing to your rapid aging.

So, what is the role that a rich-sugar diet has in chronic inflammation? It causes 3 very bad consequences, as it continuously spikes the sugar levels in your blood. These consequences are the following:

  • Once the sugar levels in your blood increase, the body produces higher number of cytokines- pro-inflammatory molecules.
  • In continuation, high levels of blood sugar cause production of the destructive molecules AGEs in your body, advanced glycation end products which trigger inflammation.
  • High levels of blood sugar causes insulin resistant cells, which means they don’t accept insulin as well as its cargo of sugar. All this leads to storage of the sugar as visceral fat, which not only gives you a belly, but it produces pro-inflammatory chemicals.

To sum up, excessive intake of sugar leads to massive body-wide inflammation.

Another side-effect of sugar is that it’s addictive. In case you are skeptical, one study showed that the number of times rats chose a path leading to Oreos, and the path leading to cocaine was the same. Moreover, Oreos had stronger effect on their brain area related to addiction, in comparison with cocaine. More studies conducted on animals have proved that sugar gives 3 symptoms constant with addiction and these are cravings, tolerance, and withdrawal.

Although quitting the habit with sugar is not an easy job, there’s a way to do it.

The best method to break the harmful sugar habit is complete cessation of the sugar intake with a sugar-free, low-carb diet, and this includes quitting artificial sweeteners as well since they feed your cravings for sugar. The best method to conquer the sugar addiction is to stop feeding it in the same way as any other addiction.

Nevertheless, this won’t be easy at all. Several days after the beginning of the sugar-free, low-carb diet, you are going to feel miserable, and this is the Sugar Demon. The reason is because once you stop consuming sugar, your cells which are normally used to a regular stream of sugar, will have to learn to burn fat. All this will make a big fuss, and you will feel cranky, tired, weird, and wired.

Although you might not like this “carb flu”, it indicates the first step towards stopping your harmful sugar habit. Moreover, this period is temporary. To ease these symptoms, eat some rinsed olives, unsweetened coconut chips, or a little avocado.

When this period will pass, you will notice your sugar cravings are becoming milder over time. You will get to that point when the thought of eating a piece of cake or a doughnut will actually turn you off, and you will choose some healthy snack instead.

5 Ways to Deal With Sugar Demon Once It Strikes

1. Distract Yourself.

Three minutes is the normal time of most types of cravings. At this point, read a magazine article, play an online game, or take a short walk, and your craving will be gone.

2. Consume a Naturally Sweet Food

Take some blueberries, apple or an orange, and while you are eating them, pay attention to these foods’ natural sweet taste. Over time, your taste buds will become trained to appreciate this natural sweetness, and your body won’t require huge sugar overloads from candies or cookies.

3. Ensure You’re Consuming Enough Fat and Protein

Consuming both, protein and fat will fill you up and please your hunger, so you have less chances to feel cravings for sweets.

4. Drink Bone Broth

Consuming a steamy, rich cup of broth takes time, so by the time you finish it, your sweets craving will pass.

5. Learn to Handle Stress in a Healthy Method

Stress might cause sugar craving and weaken ability to beat temptation. You can calm your mind with yoga, tai chi, or meditation.

We aren’t saying that the elimination of the sugar intake will be effortless. On the contrary, you will have to be strong since you might not succeed on the first time.

But once you triumph, you will be able to see the amazing rewards like beautiful skin, weight loss, and glowing health. However, the best thing you will achieve will be controlling the Sugar Demon, and not the other way round!

Via Mind Body Green

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