Popular Almond Milk Co. Sued for Containing Almost No Almonds

It looks like almond milk that many people use as a great addition to their coffee and as a replacement for the regular grass-fed, tasty cream is almost almond-free. This news will probably make you angry and disappointed because you believed that you are doing something good for your health.Popular Almond Milk Co. Sued for Containing Almost No AlmondsAs a matter of fact, many people don’t like the taste of commercial almond milk, but they are using it because they think it’s healthy.

Some of the manufacturers of Me First Living like Almond Breeze have revealed the sad truth – every carton of almond milk comes with just 2% of real almonds and costs up to five dollars for 32 fluid oz.

On the other hand, in case you’ve spent some time making your almond milk at home, you are probably aware that the preparation of this milk requires a lot more than 2% of almonds. You can find many recipes for almond milk and they all require significantly higher amount of almonds.

The only satisfaction that you might get from this situation is the fact that Almond Breeze is facing lawsuits for improper advertising. Time magazine has reported about the details of this lawsuit.

Of course, the management of this company didn’t stay quiet about this.

According to them, the basic ingredient in almost every popular drink like soda, tea, coffee, sports drinks and juice is water. They also point out that fresh cow’s milk is between 85% and 95% water. The same goes for their almond milk and the almond milk and soy milk products made by other companies.

They also say point out that they are not the only brand accused of false advertising of beverages. We won’t say who’s right or wrong, but we can say that it is quite easy to prepare a healthy drink at home.

Via Real Farmacy | Vice