People are Going Crazy for Pink Himalayan Salt — Here’s Why it’s a Waste of Money

There are few different types of salt in the world, but according to many experts the pink Himalayan salt is one of the cleanest and purest as well as one of the most expensive types of salts. Most of the Himalayan Salt products found in the stores are mined in the famous salt mine called Kewra in Pakistan. If we take a look at its price we will know why locals call it white gold.

People are going crazy for pink Himalayan salt — here’s why it’s a waste of moneyIn the last five years, Himalayan salt has become one of the favorite additions in the diet of health conscious Americans. This salt is used in meals, spa and beauty treatments and in home remodeling too (pink rock salt lamps, vases etc.). Pink salt can be found in many popular stores including the ones of Walmart, Whole Foods and Amazon. The price of this salt is sometimes 20 times higher compared to ordinary salt. But, why exactly is this salt so popular?

More than 210 million years ago, the sea salt beds in the Himalayan plateau were covered with lava. This means that the salt was covered with ice and snow for thousands of years and that the pollution in the world and all the climate changes didn’t have much effect on this salt. Today, this salt is manually mined and packed and sold as unprocessed and unrefined salt.

The specific conditions found in this part of the world make pink salt much more nutritious compared to processed salt. According to some studies, this salt comes with more than 75 minerals like boron, bromine, zinc and phosphorus. The crystals of this salt are slightly larger and this is why it contains less amount of sodium.

Himalayan salt fans like Dr. Oz claim that these unique properties help this salt bring many health benefits. According to them, this salt is especially useful for the respiratory system, bones, libido and sinuses.

But, there are a huge number of nutritionists that disagree with these claims. They say that Himalayan salt is not very healthy.

One of them is Rene Ficek, a nutrition specialist who works at Healthy Eating. This expert believes that Himalayan salt is trendy, but the fact is that the health benefits associated with it are exaggerated.

Ficek says that the quantity of all the minerals found in pink salt is very low and they can’t make any significant difference in consumer’s health. He also points out that any of the standard healthy foods like veggies, grains and meat contain extremely more nutrients.

So, Himalayan salt may have a good taste and it sure looks better than ordinary salt, but the consumption of this salt will probably don’t bring any changes to our health.

Via Business Insider