Sad Face – You Are Sad!…Are You In Love?

Pure meaning of love feeling. Are you sad? Hmm…A smile on your face, a shine in your eyes, butterflies in your stomach… Yeah… ”Congratulations!” or “Good luck!”?! You are in love and you want this feeling to last forever… You experience a happy moment with your partner; you imagine the future, you wish to grow old […]

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I Am the Man in the House!

(An image of an urban marriage) ”I am the man in the house: (honey, I was kidding) I do what I want (I clean my shoes on my own- my wife ”mustn’t” put a finger on them!!!) ”My wife can’t tell me what to do! I am the man in the house! Yea! Eh… I am … […]

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Will You Marry Me?!?

(The ”Pumpkin Proposal’’) You’ve been in a relationship with your girlfriend for year and a half (more or less) and you feel like you should go a step further- a proposal. But, you wonder what would be the best way to do that (or the most extravagant one)… A man proposed his girlfriend with a […]

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The Prisoners’ Wives: Love or Fear of Being Alone?

A Wedding from a Fairy Tale. Cinderella’s carriage turns into a pumpkin – the princess’ castle turns into jail! The procedure of getting married in jail is quite simple. In most of the cases, the prisoners are already married, but if not, the wedding takes place in the jail facility in the following circumstances: The prisoners informs […]

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An ”8” For Highly Excited Men

Couple in Love

If your partner is too excited, let HIM do all the job on his own. You lay down on the floor with two pillows under your waist. Your knees should be up and your legs wide open. Put your hands under your head so that every part of your body is ”open for cooperation’’. He […]

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