Onion – The 10 Amazing ′Cure-All′




Onion can cure almost every disease and health problem.

Onions are packed with some extremely powerful compounds and ingredients that have numerous health benefits. Dozens of studies related to these compounds have been conducted in the past decades and all of them confirm that they can provide exceptional protection for the cardiovascular system and the nerves.

In addition, they also improve the immune system, fight and eliminate the spread of many different forms of tumors, balance the hormones in the system and provide many other health benefits.

Onions prevent hardening of the arteries, decrease cholesterol levels, improve elasticity of blood vessels and stabilize the blood pressure.

Although we cannot claim that onion can cure cancer on its own, it is certainly useful to add its use to any therapy and it surely reduced the chances of developing cancer.

Many scientists were surprised when the studies showed that onion has the ability to modify blood sugar in a way which makes it prepared to fight diabetes and obesity.

Whilst it is true that onion cannot keep in you good shape, but it will certainly help you achieve such shape. It limits the intake of sugars and fats and it also supports the body’s efforts to stabilize weight and blood sugar.

Nutritional Value of the Onion

Onions are packed with one particular flavonoid known as Quercetin. This flavonoid is known as a strong antioxidant that has strong anti-cholesterol, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

In addition, onions act as antibacterial food and remove toxins and free radicals from the system. The part of the onion that is richest with quercetin is found in the bulb close to the root. The rings closest to the skin are packed with quercetin too.

It is the best option to use locally and organically grown onions.

1. Onions to calm a fever

Here’s a simple recipe to lower a fever:

  • Chop some onions and potatoes. Add some minced garlic too and place the mixture in two socks.
  • Put the socks on your feet before you go to bed and leave them overnight.
  • Place a piece of cloth soaked in apple cider vinegar across your forehead too.

This simple recipe will stabilize your temperature in one hour.

Onion on wooden board

2. Onion juice to treat wounds related to surgeries

Onion juice is a strong and efficient natural remedy which will eliminate your wound without the use of pharmaceutical drugs. In addition, it can help you prevent scarring which is very frequent in people who have darker skin.

3. Onions to help cold

Onions have been used as a natural remedy for cold since ancient time. You can boil an onion and use it in tea together with honey and ginger or you can simply eat one raw onion when you notice the symptoms of a cold.

4. Onions to ease a cough

Onion-based recipe for cough:

  • Peel and cut in half one large onion
  • Use ½ tablespoon of brown sugar to cover the tops of these halves
  • Leave it like that for one hour and after that, remove the syrup-looking contents
  • Consume this remedy two times a day

The brown sugar is used to make onion juice more edible. This is a efficient, simple and inexpensive remedy that really works. You can also make onion juice with some honey.

5. Onions to eliminate an eye irritant

In case you are suffering from eye irritation, just cut a slice of onion in order to stimulate tears. This will eliminate the irritant almost instantly. Don’t massage or rub your eyes with onions because you will actually make the situation worse. But, you can rub it on your foot.

6. Onions for wax accumulation and earache

In case you are experiencing frequent earache or trouble caused by ear wax accumulation, put some onion in your ear. Use the central part of the onion also known as the heart of the onion. Because of its strong anti-inflammatory properties, onion will definitely ease the pain.

In addition, it will make the ear wax softer, so you can remove it easily. Use this remedy before bedtime and you’ll feel the benefits in the morning.

Onion - The 10 Amazing ′Cure-All′

7. Onions to treat a cut

If you get a cut, use a slice of onion on the affected area in order to avoid infections and to sterilize the area. After that, use some of the onion skin on top of the cut. In this way, the wound will be cleaned and the bleeding stopped. If you have a larger cut, put a piece of gauze in order to stabilize the onion skin and change the gauze two times a day.

8. Onions to treat a burn

This is a very simple procedure. Take one onion and slice it in half. Apply the onion on the affected area. Leave it like that for about 2 minutes. You’ll notice the positive effects after 60 seconds. After that, mix some egg whites and put them on the burn. Once they are dried, place a cover made of gauze bandage. Remove and replace this bandage when needed. The burn will be eliminated quickly and you won’t notice any scars.

9. Onion to eliminate infection

You can use onion paste for this purpose:

  • Boil some milk and put it onto a slice of white bread.
  • Put some grated onion on top of the bread.
  • Mash everything until you get a paste.
  • Carefully clean the affected area and apply this onion-based paste.
  • Be still and let the paste harden. After that, pull the infection out of the system.

Keep in mind that you should not break the seal. After a couple of hours, the infection will begin to leave the body. Just clean the wound and repeat the same procedure two times a day until you’re eliminate the infection. Depending on the infection, you can expect this to happen between two or ten days.

10. Onion to ease bee stings and bites from other insects

In case you were unlucky and you were stung by a wasp or bee, you should start by removing the stinger from the body. After that, cover the area with crushed or grated white onion. Onions are known for their powerful anti-inflammatory properties. So, once you use this remedy you can expect the swelling to reduce and thanks to the antihistamine properties of onions, you will also be protected from any allergic reaction.

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