Do You Know The Natural and Proper Way to Poop?

Modern people are experiencing some health problems that were unknown for their ancestors. One very common problem among both men and women today is bowel trouble. Things like bowel problems, diarrhea, constipation and cramps is something that each of us experiences excessively often. There are many reasons for the occurrence of these problems – improper diet, lack of physical activity, lack of water intake, stress and…the way we poop!

That’s right we’ve said that because it is true. One might think that learning how and when to finish the physiological needs is something that we learn when we are children, but the fact is that latest studies suggest that most of us are doing this wrong.

What About Modern Poop Toilets?

This is not something that’s our fault because modern toilets are designed in a way that makes us want to sit on them. This is logical because we tend to have control of our body when we are doing this activity. However, there is evidence that sitting while defecating can cause more trouble than it can bring benefits. That’s why many experts suggest squatting instead of sitting. This is not something new and even famous TV hosts like Dr.Oz or Dr. Mercola have confirmed the importance of proper bathroom posture and the benefits it brings. Just think about it.

People have started using toilets, as we know them today few centuries ago, before that they were defecating in a different way – they were squatting. This is our natural posture when we are trying to eliminate the by-products created by our metabolism. According to the same experts, constipation, diarrhea, bowel problems, hemorrhoids and similar disorders are often cause only by this modern poop way.

Natural and Proper Way to PoopTake a look at animals and you will figure out if you want more evidence! There is a logical medical explanation too. When we are in a sitting position waiting for the defecating process to start, our puborectalis muscle is in a position which is not natural – the muscle is bent and we are adding extra pressure on the rectum. People need to strain in order to “force” the feces leave the system. Once you start practicing the squatting posture you will notice how easier it is to defecate. In this posture the muscle we’ve mentioned before is straightened and people don’t have to put much effort to finish the process.

As you can see, there is no doubt that squatting is the right way to do this. The question is how to do it when there are conventional toilets in almost any place in the world. However, the good news is that you don’t need to buy a specially designed toilet in order to practice squatting.

There is a new product called Squatty Potty that can help you what. This is actually a toilet stool that can help you elevate your feet and assume the right posture. Users of this toilet stool claim that this device really works. Some of them have eliminated hemorrhoids, others have improved bowel discharge and some of them say that the stomach pain is gone.

We hope that you get enough information to understand the advantage of squatting opposed to sitting in the poop process!