“My House Used to Smell Horrible… But When They Taught Me This Trick, Everything Changed!”

You know how some houses smell wonderful whenever you enter them? Well, have you ever thought how these homeowners achieve this?

It’s actually very simple, and all you have to do is prepare a homemade solution and spray it all over your curtains, sofa, carpets, etc. “My House Used to Smell Horrible… But When They Taught Me This Trick Everything Changed!”Besides being simple and effective, this method to refresh your home is completely safe.

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Not only that store-bought air fresheners are expensive, but they are also packed with various chemicals. The natural air freshener we offer you is inexpensive, as it requires just 3 ingredients, highly effective in neutralizing odors and perfectly safe.

You won’t regret trying this simple trick. It only requires 3 ingredients that you already have them in your pantry: water, baking soda, and detergent. Follow these simple instructions and prepare your own air freshener to make your house smell wonderful and fresh.

The required ingredients for this homemade air freshener are:

  • 2 cups of boiling water
  • 4 tbsp. of baking soda
  • ¼ cup of detergent spheres
  • Pot to heating


Mix the detergent spheres and the baking soda in a bucket. Then, add the boiling water and stir well. Let the mixture stay for 30 minutes until everything dissolves well. Pour the prepared solution in a spray bottle or empty aerosol.


Spray the solution all around your home: on your sofas, mattresses, drains, carpets, fabrics, etc. You will get incredible results – a home which always smells wonderful!

Note: If the baking soda isn’t completely dissolved or mixed, add a drop of alcohol in the spray bottle and stir well until it dissolves.

Via Make Your Life Healthier