Mammograms Don’t Help, They Harm Women. Mammograms Facts You Probably Never Knew




If you want to prevent breast cancer, every physician will recommend the practice of conducting a mammogram once a year. But, it looks like these tests can lead to more complications in women and this is something that doctors and mainstream media don’t want to talk about.

These claims can be confirmed by many women who have been part of the mammogram procedure because you can rarely find a woman who was informed that there are possible side effects that come from this procedure.

The vast majority of these women have a difficult time accepting the fact that the healthcare professionals who should take care of their health are hiding the possible harmful effects of mammograms. According to many people, this is a direct result of the profitable breast cancer industry which relies on mammography.

A few scientific studies conducted not while ago have confirmed that this procedure doesn’t actually protect the lives of women. On the contrary, it harms their health in many cases.

A medical report published in the New York Times points out that one of the largest and most thorough scientific studies related to mammography, which included more than 90.000 women and lasted for about 25 years, has significantly raised the concerns about the side effects of this type of screening test for women regardless of their age.

This study has shown that death figures related to E Times and from all other causes were almost equal in women who didn’t get mammograms and those who did. What is even worse is that this type of screening comes at a price – about 20% of cancers identified thanks to mammography and treated were not actually a serious threat and could’ve been treated successfully without surgery, Health Affairs.

4 Things That Every Woman Must Know About Mammograms

Mammograms Don’t Help They Harm Women - Featured

1. It Turns Out That Mammograms are Very Ineffective

There is a shocking fact that nobody wants to talk about – mammography is not very precise and it often results in radiation therapy and chemotherapy in women who actually didn’t need this type of treatment.

Eight out of ten of the 1.5 million biopsies (breast biopsies) conducted in the US each year because of the results found from mammography are negative. So, why should women continue taking this inaccurate test which is described as almost mandatory by doctors?

One of the main issues with mammograms is that these screenings frequently identify so-called stage zero cancers which can be eliminated without any conventional medical treatment. This type of cancer would not cause any damage and won’t grow in case it is left untreated.

This means that mammograms are causing confusion in many women who believe that they are dealing with dangerous cancer when they are actually healthy. This fact is confirmed by the statistics published in the reputable New England Journal of Medicine which claims that more than 1.3 million women were misdiagnosed with breast cancer. Unfortunately, many of them have started with harmful therapies.

2. Mammograms Can’t Reduce Death Risks

It was proven by some scientific studies that mammograms are not able to lower the death rate caused by breast cancer. One of these studies was the aforementioned study conducted in Canada which involved more than 90.000 women.

The fact is that mammograms can save the lives of some women, but at the same time they cause damage to the health in others. So, it is crucial to be aware of these facts.

3. Mammograms Can Lead to Cancer

The entire procedure that takes place when someone has a mammogram is not safe because it involves certain amount of ionizing radiation in order to get an image similar to x-ray screening. As a result of this screening, some women start developing cancer. Ionized radiation can activate mutations and some other genetic problems and turn some healthy cells into malignant cells.

In addition, what is even worse is that the individuals are exposed to so-called energy x-ray 30 kVp radiation. This radiation is about 3 times more carcinogenic compared to high-energy radiation found in atomic bomb shockwave.

According to Paul Yaswen, a famous breast cancer specialist and cellular biologist that works at Life Sciences Division at Berkeley, the tests they had has confirmed that radiation can alter the microenvironment of cells found in breasts and in this way we are creating a fertile ground for development of abnormal cells with a long-lasting phenotype that has increased potential to develop cancer.

These studies have also shown that radiation has more negative effects in young women. A report published by the NCI shows that women under the age of 35 who have used mammography could lead to 75 new cases of breast cancer for 15 actual breast cancer it locates.

4. Safer Alternatives to Mammograms

Many experts believe that thermography is a much better option because this is a completely non-invasive method of determining the possible presence of breast cancer. This method is used by progressive doctors in the US and Europe for more than 50 years. What makes this method even better is that thermography can identify breast cancer much earlier compared to mammograms and physical exams.

Thermography can detect cancer formations once these formations reach about 250 cells and mammography can do the same when there are about four billion cancer cells.

According to Moshe Dekel, a specialist in the field of breast thermography, this screening is completely physiological. It relies on infrared camera which identifies heat produced by the breast without any physical contact and without radiation.

Thermography highlights small temperature increases that come as a result of increased blood supply in cells affected by cancer.

Source: Healthy Food House | NCBI

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