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9 Characteristics a Man MUSTN’T Have!

Bad hygiene; Narcissism; Lack of romanticism; Lack of s*xuality; Lack of intelligence; Childish behavior; Lack of ambition; Racism; Lack of wish for adventures. You may have Apollo’s beauty, but if you are ”owner” of these characteristics, you won’t attract any women. Pay attention to this advice and find yourself a girlfriend NOW! But, what do […]

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9 ”Because” to the 9 ”Why”!?

The question is: Why it is a ”Must” to Declare Your Love to the Person You Like? BECAUSE the person you like will feel glad to know he/ she means something to somebody; BECAUSE you shouldn’t be afraid of love – LOVE doesn’t ”bite’’; BECAUSE if you don’t tell her/ him you will never know if she/ […]

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Will You Marry Me?!?

(The ”Pumpkin Proposal’’) You’ve been in a relationship with your girlfriend for year and a half (more or less) and you feel like you should go a step further- a proposal. But, you wonder what would be the best way to do that (or the most extravagant one)… A man proposed his girlfriend with a […]

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