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7 Tips for a Successful Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship - featured

Long distance relationship is a complicated relation. Missed calls, plans that can’t be realized together, the missing, physical touch etc. But, in fact each relationship comes down to great communication and understanding. So in such cases communication is the thing that is important and determining. Each relationship requires effort and often brings certain problems too. […]

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Is He in Love with Me?


You think he is not even interested in you, but he hardly waits to hold you in his arms. Here are some signs that show he is badly in love with you: He is always around when you need him; He compliments you; He says you are the reason for the smile on his face; […]

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What Women really Like – Mystery

Paul Walker Beautiful Wide Smile

What women really like about men is a mystery. Now you find out what women want in every person with whom they become intimate. Latest research has shown that women like/dislike: Smile: yes, they want cheerful men, but prefer self-confident and serious-faced men better; Beautiful teeth: if he smiles, she wishes him to have nice […]

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Put 6 Stitches On Your Heart Cut In Half

You have been hurt many, many, but many times… Heal your heart following our tips: 1. Face the truth! He/She lied to you… So what? Either accept the fact or break up wit her/him; 2. If you have just broken up, find another one to heal your heart instead of a psychiatrist; 3. Take a real […]

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