Linseed and Cloves Remedy to Clean Up Your Body from Parasites and Reduces Fat Deposition




Let’s be honest – how frequently do you feel the urge to eat sweets? In case you are experiencing these cravings quite often, you should not be worried because thousands of people are finding themselves in the same situation.

However, have you asked yourself why the number of people who are crazy about sweets is so high? The fact is that your sweet tooth may come as a result of an addiction and there are two basic reasons for that. We don’t need to talk much about the first one because it’s obvious – stress. However, the second one is a little bit shocking for many people – the presence of parasites in the body.

Whenever you consume a large number of sugary products to satisfy your craving, you are actually creating ideal conditions for the body to accumulate additional mucus. In cases like this, the excess mucus serves as an ideal base and ground for the reproduction and growth of bacteria and fungus.

This means that when you deal with parasites that live in the intestines and advance with the help of excess mucus, your energy levels are drained fast.

So, it is logical that your body begins to crave any sugary product you can find. The worst part is that as the number of parasites grows, you will start eating more, and eventually, you will start dealing with obesity.

Your fat deposits will grow too. People are shocked by the feeling of energy they get when they eliminate these terrible parasites.

The process of losing weight is accelerated too. So, in order to eliminate these nasty parasites, you will need only two simple ingredients – linseed and cloves. Now let’s explain this remedy.

Linseed and Cloves Remedy

  • 3,5 Oz (100 gr) of linseed,
  • 2 tsp. (10 gr) of cloves (dried).

Use your grinder (a coffee mill will be fine too) to grind the ingredients until you get a fine powder texture.

How to Use This Remedy?

Take two teaspoons of this natural mixture in the morning for three days in a row. Feel free to drink it with warm water or put the mixture in your breakfast.

Once these three days are finished, wait for three days and start the process again. It usually takes one month to feel the results.

Remember that you should do this at least three times a year to protect yourself from parasites.

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