Keeping Your Phone in Your Pocket? Stop It now – The Consequences Could Be Deadly!




According to some experts, more than 2 billion people will use smartphones in 2016. Almost every adult around the globe had a smartphone in their pocket.

There is no doubt that these devices make our lives much easier, but did you know that these devices are bad for our health?Keeping Your Phone in Your PocketUN’s Health Organization and some Russian scientists believe that smartphones have negative impact on human health and they are especially worried about the effects of the electromagnetic fields. They are bad for our overall health, but especially for the nervous, endocrine and reproductive system and this is something that was confirmed by Nikolai Kononov who works as a VP of UN’s Health Organization.

Kononov also believes that radiation from electromagnetic fields created by cell phones has negative consequences for more than 70% of users, but he doesn’t see a way to prevent the use of these devices. The only thing that we can do is to rationalize their use.
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This specific electromagnetic radiation created by smartphones has proven to be especially harmful for pregnant women and children. If you want to reduce the negative effects, make your calls shorter and try to use hands-free equipment.

What is even more important is to make sure that your smartphone stays away from your pockets. It is the best idea to store the cell phone in the purse which will significantly reduce the effects of electromagnetic fields.

We are also presenting a video created by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences which explains the negative effects of cell phones.


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