How to Drink Your Excess Weight Away in 8 Weeks




It seems that excess weight is an issue that bothers too many individuals these days. Most of them are aware of this problem, but the truth is that eliminating extra weight is not simple.

In order to achieve this goal, you will need to introduce some serious changes in your lifestyle, start exercising on a regular basis, and follow a healthy diet.

In addition, you will also need to take care of your sleeping pattern and habits because poor sleeping habits affect appetite and energy levels.

Today, smoothies have become the most popular, tasty snacks included in healthy diets. The reason is simple – it doesn’t take much time to prepare them and they are packed with nutrients that will provide a feeling of satiety for a long time, aid the body’s effort to eliminate fat and bring different healthy nutrients to the body.

The best part is that you just have to put the ingredients in a blender and mix them well.

With the help of these low-calorie drinks packed with nutrients, you can prepare a delicious, healthy, and attractive meal.

In this article, we will recommend some very tasty smoothies. The majority of them come with some of these ingredients which are known for their positive effects on people who want to lose weight.


This fruit reduces levels of insulin and as we know this specific hormone plays a vital role in fat storage in the body. So, only half of the grapefruit per day before any meal can help people drop one pound per week.


Now here’s another helpful ingredient that blocks food cravings and helps people handle the quantity of food they eat easily. Ginger can also increase body temperature and speed up the metabolism to burn more unwanted pounds.


Hazelnuts are loaded with fiber and foods that have high fiber content are very efficient for the weight loss process.

Flax Seed

These seeds are packed with fiber, so they can support weight loss and help the body get rid of toxins. In addition, flax seeds prevent food cravings.

Now here’s how to make delicious and healthy smoothies with the help of these amazing ingredients. Thanks to these seven smoothies you will be able to lose excess fat and weight in less than 2 months.

Apple Cucumber Smoothie


Half a cup of hazelnuts, ten leaves of mint, two cucumbers, two apples, three tablespoons of lime juice, a small amount of ginger, two glasses of tap water, and four celery sticks.

Green Smoothie


Four teaspoons of flaxseed, flour celery sticks, a small amount of ginger, two green apples, and two glasses of tap water.

Banana Pear Smoothie


Two bananas, two pears, four tablespoons of flaxseed, twelve ounces of yogurt, a small amount of cinnamon, two cups of berries, and half a cup of hazelnuts.

Banana Apple Smoothie


Two oranges, half a cup of almonds, a small amount of cinnamon, a small amount of ginger, two lemons, two bananas, and two glasses of tap water.

Peach Smoothie


Four teaspoons of flaxseed oil, two cups of frozen peaches (unsweetened), and two cups of skim milk.

Orange Grapefruit Smoothie


Two oranges, two grapefruits, half a cup of almonds, two mangoes, two glasses of tap water, and two bananas.

Blueberry Smoothie


Two oranges, two cups of blueberries, two bananas, one cup of pineapples, twelve ounces of Greek yogurt (non-fat variety), and half a cup of almonds.

Besides eating/drinking these tasty fat-burning low-calorie smoothies, you must perform some physical activity to speed up this process.

Our recommendation is to practice some of these Cardio Exercises:


HIIT or High-intensity interval training is a very efficient method to lose weight. However, you should be prepared for hard workouts once you start because this is a very intense exercise.


Cycling is able to eliminate more than 600 calories in 60 minutes and includes all the muscle groups activated during running. Feel free to cycle in nature or when you go to work or simply use a stationary bicycle at home.

Jump Rope

You don’t need an actual rope. Hop over an imaginary, invisible rope. Just make sure that you are staying on your toes and push your body with the help of feet balls. Perform this exercise for 60 seconds.


Now here’s another very efficient cardio exercise that activates every muscle group in our body. This powerful exercise is able to burn up to 850 calories in 60 minutes.

Lunge Jump

Get into a standing position, keep the feet together, and make a forward thrust with the left foot while keeping your knee bent at about a 90-degree angle. After that, jump and change the legs during the jump and make a forward thrust with your right foot. Perform ten repetitions.


One hour of swimming can help you burn up to 600 calories. Swimming is a complete body workout and it is almost impossible to get injured while doing it.

Tabata Crunch

Keep the feet on the ground, bend your knees, and after that peel your head and shoulders off the floor until you notice that the upper back is completely raised. Keep this position for a second or two and after that carefully return to the initial position. Exercise for four minutes in order to get the best results.

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