How To: Determine Your Stress Level In 2 Seconds 

 April 3, 2016

By  Gabriela

Whenever you feel that your day will end quite well, there is a great chance that it will hit you.

This Optical Illusion Reveals How Stressed You Are in 2 Seconds!

Whenever you are sitting in front of the TV or computer in a cozy atmosphere of your home and you suddenly realize that you have a very important task at work tomorrow, you can expect to feel it.

No one is immune to it and there is now way to avoid it. In case you have not figured out what we are talking about, we will cut the drama and get straight to the point – we are talking about stress.

If we take a close look at the official statistics, we will notice some very disturbing figures. It seems that stress is getting epidemic proportions in the United States. Some sources (stress.org) have emphasized the fact that about 45% of all Americans are significantly more stressed out compared to the stress they have experienced five years ago.

This reputable organization also claims that stress related to work is the reason for about ten percent of all strokes and stunning 60% of every disease and illness today.

There are many people who are convinced that obesity is the major health issue in the United States, but the truth is that about 75% of all visits to a doctor’s office are related to illnesses caused by stress. The feeling that doesn’t give you rest leads to more than 300 billion dollars in medical bills and ruined productivity. On the other hand, obesity costs us three times less.

But, are you able to determine the level of stress you experience at the moment? Of course, there are certain signs that are considered to be regular and obvious and you probably know them. Some of these signs include chest pain, muscle tension and cramps, headaches and digestive problems.

The good news is there is an entertaining way to determine your current stress level.

The famous psychiatrist from Japan, Dr. Akioshi Kitaoke, designed a set that consists of several images created to help spectators of these images to check their current state of mind.

Basically, in case you watch these images and they are perfectly still, you are definitely relaxed. In case they are moving a little bit, you are a little bit stressed. In case they are moving all over the place, you are extremely stressed and you need to find a way to calm down right away.

Take a look. It is very likely that the images will look like they are moving a little bit in case you are looking them after you’ve come back home from work.

Obviously, this should be a reason to visit your doctor right away or take some pharmaceutical drug only because these images are moving, but this is a convenient way to check whether it is time to sit back and relax.

The following is a short collection of some other illusions that can help you check the stress level.








Via Bit Rebels

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