How to Cut Your Food Portions in 5 Easy Ways 

 April 11, 2015

By  Gabriela

One of the first rules of successful weight loss strategy is to burn more calories than you take. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself every day. You can easily make some changes in your diet that will help you suppress your appetite and make this journey more comfortable.

In order to begin with your plan, we present you few tips about how to cut your food portions that will ultimately help you lose weight without food cravings.

How to Cut Your Food Portions?

1. Water

Before you start with your meal, have a large glass of water in order to reduce your appetite. In this way you will fill the “hole” in your stomach. In addition, in some cases dehydration is the main reason why we feel hungry in the first place. The grumbling you feel and even hear in your stomach can occur as a result of dehydration too. It is not unusual for people to eat when they are bored, so next time you feel bored, take a large glass of water with some lemon to stop food cravings.

2. The color of the plate

This may sound unusual to some people, but numerous studies have shown that people who consume food from a plate that matches the color of the food eat about 20% more food. According to some scientists the reason for this behavior is simple – people can’t tell how much food they have consumed when the plate matches the color of the food.

3. Vegetable fillers

Every time you cook a meal, try to include as many vegetables as possible. Pasta, stir-fry, sandwich, seafood dish are some of the meals where you can use different vegetables. Vegetables have the ability to make you feel sated. On top of that, they are rich in nutrients and don’t contain many calories.

4. Add carbohydrates later

Instead of preparing a meal based on carbs, you can prepare a meal and add carbs later if necessary. For example, avoid having a bowl of granola and adding yogurt or fruit on top of it. Have a yogurt and add some granola on top of it. You can use the same tactics for pasta too. Grill some meat and vegetables and then place some pasta in this meal. In this way the main ingredients in your meal will be meat and vegetables, not carbohydrates.  This is something that will make a huge difference in your cooking and diet.

5. Limit portion size

We all feel cravings for chips, chocolates and other snacks that are not very healthy when they are consumed in large quantities. So, the next time when you feel in the mood for this type of snack, take a small serving out of the bag or box, place it on a plate and get out of the kitchen. If you take the bag or box with you, you will most likely eat the whole content. If they are in front of your eyes you probably won’t have the discipline to resist them.

Via Healthline | For 9 more tips visit Health.com

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