Shocking Report Shows Hot Dogs Actually Contain Human DNA – And That’s Not All!




Sausage, bacon and many other processed meats including hot dogs are now labeled as carcinogens just like asbestos and cigarettes. In other words, there is evidence that processed meats lead to the occurrence of cancer. In addition, red meat is now ranked as a food that has potential to cause cancer.

This is the latest decision summarized in a report written and published by the International Agency for Research on Cancer which is part of the WHO (World Health Organization).

Shocking Report Shows Hot Dogs Actually Contain Human DNA — And That’s not all

This is certainly shocking for meat fans, but unfortunately there is more unpleasant news for this category of people.

Clear Food has recently published a report in which they claim that human DNA can be found in many reputable hot dog brands. In some cases, human DNA was present in more than 2% of the content in one hot dog, but this is not the end.

They have also concluded that:

  • One out of 10 products marked as vegetarian contain meat
  • About 15% of the sausages and hot dogs were suspicious
  • About 20% of vegetarian samples they have tested came with certain hygienic problems. As a matter of fact, about 70% of the hygienic problems were found in vegetarian products.
  • Many of the nutritional labels on vegetarian products were incorrect. Some of them claim high protein content which is actually 2 times lower.
  • The problems were found in products with a different price.

So, there is one thing that we can all conclude from this report:

The fact is that the price and quality of food products are not related. It was shocking that many vegetarian sausages has substitution and hygienic problems. Even if we are talking about small amounts of meat in vegetarian products that’s still a problem because the majority of vegetarians avoid meat because of ethical, dietary, religious and other reasons.

Although the fact that we can find human DNA in hot dogs is very disturbing, there are many other problems that we should focus on in the future. Scientists still don’t know how this human DNA ended in these products.

We are presenting an interesting video that explains the advertising techniques used by the food industry. It seems that false advertising today is stronger than ever despite the strict laws and regulations related to food products.

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Via ABC News

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