The Hidden Terror of Unsustainable Demand

People, especially here in the U.S., have always had a weak spot for anything related to Fast Food. This is no secret, and we are #1 in the world when it comes to consuming those greasy products. It is safe to say it has become a way of life.

And then there are the regular excuses such as ‘no time for a decent meal’ and the like. Fast-food chains like McDonald’s have spread everywhere in the world. But, they still remain most popular in the country of their origin.

But let us take a deeper and far darker look at just what it takes before that hamburger makes it to the plate in front of you.

The Hidden Terror of Unsustainable Demand

Documentaries and videos which show the gruesome slaughter of animals in factories and slaughterhouses are far from something new.

And yet the number of individuals which continue eating the product of such slaughter is still quite high. Sure, you watch the horrible video, play witness to the dreadful and inhumane processes, and might even choose to go vegetarian or even vegan as a reaction.

But many of those ‘newly converted’ find it hard or even impossible to stay that way forever. Most of those who change their mind do so within a month or even just after a few days!

It’s not all doom and gloom, as some make a lasting decision and cannot help but look at anything meat-related in disgust.

Still, Nothing is Black and White

Now, this all sounds like a campaign forcing one to quit their carnivorous habits in favor of a healthier life, which is also the moral way to go.

Still, there is no denying we are omnivorous creatures, eating anything from greens to other living beings. It is simply the circle of life, however that may sound.

Except that in our particular case, we differ from our other mammal cousins in that we have evolved. A sense of moral and ethical consciousness has taken root in the mind of all modern homo sapiens. Well, almost all, to be a bit more precise.

And that in itself is depressing, the presence of cold-blooded murderers roaming our world. But while we’re on the not-so-sunny subject, isn’t there also something distinctly cold-blooded about watching someone or something else get murdered and not really caring all that much?

We turn up our nose in disgust at the mere notion of cannibalism, because that would mean eating the flesh of one of our own. But are we truly that subjective?

It is completely wrong to devour humans, but anything else living and breathing is “perfectly fine”. Of course, nowadays there are limits even to that, as certain species near extinction are treated in the same respectful way.

Meaning, they are protected by law, just like we are. Then there’s the biased opinion. An ideal example is when Westerners are horrified at the notion of some cultures eating dogs.

They like to think they are better because they know dogs are beloved pets and loyal companions, not food. But wait. Isn’t that just because long ago, at the dawn of our growth as ‘civilized’ species, we had domesticated the wolf?

It just turned out that way, and now dogs are considered more special than other species.

What Makes ‘This’ Wrong and ‘That’ Right?

But where does that leave so many other kinds? Why are chickens automatically thought of as poultry, pigs as pork, cattle as beef, etc.? Why is it all right to do with them as we (and our hungry bellies) please?

The horrifying conditions in which they are treated just so we could place more fat tissue on our already swollen bodies are horrendous.

Let us be honest. Some people stuff themselves with as much food as they can eat without vomiting (and, in some cases, even if they vomit).

Here the concept of nutritional value goes out the window since there isn’t a single person who can justify themselves that way.

And here’s the biggest punch of all. A huge percentage of those who consume too much take the chirurgical step of removing it.

Once again, we consider ourselves moral creatures and pride ourselves on our sense of doing what we believe to be right. Maybe we should rethink that.

Source Real Farmacy | Healthy Food House