Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds




Majority of us throw away the seeds after eating the papaya fruit. However, did you know that they are very beneficial for our health?

They can cure wide range of health conditions associated with the gut, liver, intestinal worms, and even Dengue disease.

Here are the best benefits from papaya seeds.

Health Benefits of Papaya Seeds

Liver Health

The seeds from this fruit can help treat liver cirrhosis, thanks to the vital nutrients in their content.  Crush or grind 5 to 6 papaya seeds and combine them with lime juice or food. Do this for a month. Furthermore, consuming small amounts of these seeds on a regular basis provides liver detox and prevents liver diseases.

Kidney Health

University of Karachi’s researchers have discovered that the seeds from papaya can be used to prevent renal failure and to improve the overall health of kidneys. They are also beneficial for the treatment of diseases related to kidney poisoning.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The seeds from papaya provide anti-inflammatory properties, so they are great for reducing arthritis, swelling, redness, and joint pain.

Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Properties

It was discovered that a small amount of these seeds can destroy harmful bacteria like Staph, E.coli, and Salmonella. Moreover, they can treat Typhoid, Dengue, and other disease, and they also help in the fight against viral infections. People in Nigeria combine these seeds with milk to make effective remedy for Typhoid fever. In Costa Rica, papaya seeds have been widely used to treat Dengue fever, while papaya leaves juice is able to cure this fever.

Arresting Cancer

Thanks to the present isothiocyanate, papaya seeds stop the growth of tumors and cancer cells of breast, Hopkins Medicine, leukemia, prostate, and lung cancer.

Destroys Parasites

Carpaine is an alkaloid contained in the papaya seeds which destroys amoeba parasites and intestinal worms. The papaya fruit on the other hand, helps in the protein metabolism, making the gastrointestinal tract highly hostile environment for parasites to thrive and live. According to many studies, kids in Nigeria have successfully eliminated their gut parasites 75% of the times, by drinking juice prepared from papaya seeds for a week.

Natural Contraceptive

Over-the counter contraceptives have various side effects after longer use, but the seeds from papaya are great natural contraceptives for both women and men, and without any adverse effects. In fact, people from the Indian subcontinent and some regions in Southeast Asia have used the seeds and fruit of papaya as a natural form of birth control.

Help Digestion

Papain enzyme helps in the digestion of proteins, and both, seeds and unripe papaya are loaded with this enzyme. However, pregnant women or those trying to get pregnant should avoid them. Daily consumption of a teaspoon of these seeds for a period of 3 months, can significantly lower the production of sperm, without any influence on the libido. But this effect from papaya seeds is just temporary. Stopping their consumption will bring the fertility in males back to normal.

Papaya Juice Recipe

Wash and cut two papaya leaves in small pieces. Use a filter cloth to pound and squeeze the pulp, whose amount is usually about 2 tablespoons. This amount is enough for a daily dosage.

How to Consume Papaya Seeds

There are several way you can eat these seeds. Eating them raw will give you a strong taste, bitter than that of pepper. You can also ground or crush the seeds, and add them in milk, salad dressings, or honey.


Papaya seeds have numerous health benefits, and these ones are just few of them. However, they should be consumed not very frequently, and in small amounts. Excessive consumption of these seeds can cause various side effects, especially problems in pregnancy.

Pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers shouldn’t consume the seeds from papaya or the papaya enzyme.  Moreover, the anti-parasitic properties of papaya seeds might be too strong for the gastrointestinal tracts of kids, so before considering giving papaya seeds to infants make sure you consult a doctor.

Via Cure Joy

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