He Didn’t Trust His Mom’s Nursing Home, So He Sets Up A Hidden Camera. What He Captures? SICKENING

After noticing that his mother has some unexplained bruises and wounds all over her body, a man known just as Camille decided to install a hidden camera in her nursing home. He believed that some of the residents in the home are harming his mother.

However, what he found what was even more shocking. It turned out that both the caretakers and residents were abusing and harming his mother. This video clearly shows how residents are entering her room and taking away some of her belongings.

In another clip, the caretaker simply blew his nose on the sheets and covered her with the same sheets.

Finally, he couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that one of the female caretakers is physically harming his mom. His mother is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease.

Via Some Daily Buzz