10 Powerful Hand Alignments and How to Use Them 

 March 15, 2017

By  Gabriela

Did you know that your hands are closely connected to your health? Your fingers represent the 5 basic life elements: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, and Ether. Natural scientists believe that diseases and ailments are a limitation that appears in the balance and continuity of these 5 elements.

We will show you how your hands and fingers can affect your overall health. You can do them at any time of the day to help relieve your pain, treat some condition, or just restore your optimal health and energy.

You can do them at any time of the day to help relieve your pain, treat some condition, or just restore your optimal health and energy.


Before explaining how to do these hand alignments which are which are methods of aligning the fingers in a specific way, you need to understand what each finger represents in the mudra science.

The Mudra Therapy Philosophy

Here’s what each finger represents:

  • Small finger – The water
  • Ring finger – The earth
  • Middle finger – The ether
  • Index finger – The air
  • Thumb – The fire

Hand Mudras for Holistic Health

  • Akash Mudra – helps treat ear problems
  • Dhyan Mudra – great for all brain-related issues like depression, problem focusing
  • Hridya Mudra – good for asthma, heart disease, and respiration-related conditions
  • Jala Mudra – helps treat skin conditions and purify blood
  • Prana Mudra – relieves problems with nervous system, vision, and boosts the immune system
  • Surya Mudra – helps with high cholesterol, obesity, etc.
  • Vayu Mudra – good for stomach issues, and joint pain
  • Prithvi Mudra – boosts energy levels, and brings peace of mind

10 Hand Mudras

1. Gyana Mudra

This mudra improves concentration and memory. It calms your mind, so it’s great for meditation. Moreover, it’s recommended for anyone who has problems with sleeping, anxiety, depression, and stress. You can do it whenever you feel angry or irritable, and even use it as a prevention for outbursts.

How to do it – Just touch the tip of your index finger with that of your thumb.

2. Varuna Mudra

Do this mudra on a regular basis to help hydrate your body, purify your blood, and treat dry skin issues.  It involves the little finger which is related to the element of water, so it helps keep the water balance in your body.

How to do it – Join the tip of the thumb with that of the little finger.

3. Surya Mudra

If you’re trying to lose weight or reduce your waist size, here’s some great news. Surya mudra is the perfect hand alignment that will help you achieve that.

How to do it – Bring the tip of the ring finger to the base of the thumb, and cover it with the thumb.

4. Vayu Mudra

This mudra is great for treating joint pain associated with sciatica, rheumatism, gout, and arthritis.

How to do it – Put your index finger at the base of your thumb. Then, press it over with the thumb.

5. Prithvi Mudra

Do this mudra if you like to add few pounds and get a curved body.

How to do it – Join the tip of your thumb with that of your ring finger, and keep them together for a while. Do this mudra on a daily basis.

6. Prana Mudra

Prana mudra is great for boosting your immune system and protecting your body against mental diseases. Also, it helps improve vitality, stamina, vision, and skin complexion. Furthermore, it provides blood-purifying effects.

How to do it – For this mudra, you need to touch the tip of your thumb with those of your ring and little finger. The remaining two fingers should stay straight.

7. Ling Mudra

It’s helpful for those with excess mucus and secretion, as well as anyone who likes to relieve cold and sinusitis. Also, it’s recommended for asthmatic patients. You can practice this mudra any time of the day, but not for too long as it produces heat in your body.

How to do it – clasp the fingers of both hands and keep one thumb upright. Encircle it with the index finger and the thumb of the opposite hand.

8. Apana Mudra

This hand mudra is recommended for good digestion, excretory system, teeth and gums, and immunity. You can do it regularly if have frequent stomach problems.

How to do it –  Join the tip of the thumb with those of your ring and middle finger. Keep the other two fingers upright.

9. Hridya Mudra

This is the best mudra for those with cardiovascular problems. It helps reduce high blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

How to do it – Touch the tip of your index finger to the base of your thumb. Then, join the tip of the thumb with those of your ring and middle finger. Straight up the little finger.

10. Shunaya Mudra

This mudra is helpful for treating earache, as well as gum disease.

How to do it – Join the tip of your middle finger to the base of your thumb, and apply some pressure. Keep the other fingers upright.

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