10 Habits that Slowly Damage Your Brain




The brain is one of the most important organs in the human body. Being the most delicate part of the body, you should take suitable care of it. According to the World Health Organization, there are top 10 habits that can damage your brain over time.

If you have some of these habits, it’s high time to get rid of them.

1. You do not have stimulating thoughts

The main function of the brain is to control bodily functions and to enable thinking. Without thinking, the function of the brain will decrease so it’s of crucial importance to keep thinking, writing, and exploring in order to refresh your brain.

 2. You do not eat your breakfast

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the whole day. Usually, people tend to avoid having breakfast in order to restrict the intake of calories. In this way, they just lower the blood sugar, tend to provide an insufficient amount of nutrients needed for the brain. By the time, this will result in brain degeneration.

3. You overeat

Skipping breakfast usually leads to overeating or eating more than your body really needs. This causes the hardening of the arteries in the brain, thus decreasing the mental power.

4. You smoke

Smoking not only affects the health of your lungs but also harms your brain, causing shrinkage of the brain cells. Also, nicotine is a leading cause of the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. You consume a lot of sugars

The high intake of sugars will affect the absorption of proteins and nutrients in your body. In that way, the development of the brain is obstructed and malnutrition can occur.

6. You do not sleep enough

The lack of sleep eventually kills the brain cells and if this becomes your habit, it can further cause memory loss.

7. You cover your head when you sleep

Many people practice this type of habit, to cover their heads while sleeping. By doing so, they build up carbon dioxide and thus reduce oxygen in the brain. This can lead to damage to the brain and dementia at an early age.

8. You do not converse with other people

The domination of smartphones and tablets has led to spending more time chatting and texting than in real conversations. What’s good for you is to talk to real people, not on the phone. This does not only help you in the intellectual conversation but improves the efficiency of the brain.

9. You do not rest enough

Although sick, you tend to study or even work harder. By doing this, you do not help your brain, but you damage it instead.

10. You live in a place where the air is polluted

Oxygen is one of the most important food that your brain needs. If you are often exposed to carbon dioxide and harmful chemicals you will certainly damage your brain very soon. So, go somewhere where you can inhale some fresh and clean air instead of the polluted one.

Only two or three habits out of these are enough to harm your brain. So, it’s high time you remove them and avoid the destruction of your brain probably the most important part of your body.

Via Web MD

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