Green Cabbage Juice Recipe for Stomach Ulcer, Gut Health, Heart Disease, and Cancer




Did you know that cabbage is one of the healthiest foods on the Planet? That’s right! It’s amazing how many health benefits you’ll get by consuming raw cabbage, or even better, raw cabbage juice following the green cabbage juice recipe in this post. For example, it’ll help you prevent heart disease, stomach ulcers, and arthritis. Moreover, it’ll help you treat bad cholesterol, skin inflammation, digestive disorders, etc.

Therefore, we think it’s high time to discover the incredible power of cabbage compounds regarding your health.

So, here’s a recipe that’ll help you get the maximum benefits from this vegetable.

Green Cabbage Juice Recipe

Required Ingredients:

  • ½ of a head of a raw cabbage
  • 1 cucumber
  • 2 Aloe Vera leaves (or a cup of Aloe Vera juice)
  • ½ cup of peppermint
  • 1 of ginger


Mix the ingredients in a vegetable juicer and drink the juice immediately.

Health Benefits of Raw Cabbage Juice

1. Glowing Skin

Thanks to vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, antioxidants, and glucosinolates in cabbage, drinking this raw juice will improve your skin complexion. Also, it’ll help treat your acne, and dry skin, as well as postpone premature aging.

2. Body Detox

The natural compounds found in cabbage called glucosinolates help eliminate the hormones and chemicals that might cause damage to your body.

3. Aids in Weight Loss

This juice will improve your digestion and help clear the upper region of your intestine. This, in turn, will speed up the weight loss process. So, if you like to lose some extra pounds, include raw cabbage juice in your daily menu.

4. Prevents Cancer

Your body converts glucosinolates found in cabbage into isothiocyanates which provide unique cancer-preventive effects. For this reason, cabbage is said to protect against prostate, bladder, and colon cancer.

5. Prevents Heart Disease

Next, the selenium found in cabbage juice protects against heart disease. What’s more, the Omega-3 fatty acid content helps prevent high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.

6. Protects against Arthritis

Besides preventing heart disease, the selenium content of cabbage helps fight and prevent symptoms of arthritis.

Wrap Your Feet in Cabbage Leaves and See the Surprising Results!

7. Prevents Stomach Ulcer

The cabbage content includes the so-called vitamin U, an enzyme known as S-methyl methionine. This enzyme makes the stomach resistant to ulcers by strengthening the stomach lining.

8. Treats Digestive Disorders

Drinking raw cabbage juice can improve your digestion significantly. This vegetable is especially known for this particular health benefit. The lactic acid in its content helps destroy the harmful bacteria in the colon.

9. Lowers Bad Cholesterol Levels

Thanks to the high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids in cabbage, drinking raw cabbage juice can help reduce bad cholesterol or low-density lipoprotein (LDL) levels.

10. Treats Skin Inflammation

The amino acids found in cabbage juice make it a perfect home remedy for skin inflammation.

All things considered, we can only recommend making this green cabbage juice recipe to experience these and many other incredible health benefits.

Source 1 Million Health Tips | Live Strong
Image Source Search Home Remedy

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