MIT Research Finds Why Half of All Children Could Have Autism by 2025




Senior Research Scientist at MIT warns that by 2025 half of all children will have autism. This is because proofs show the toxicity of glyphosate from the overutilization of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on the food we consume every day.

Dr. Stephanie Seneff has investigated technology and biology for over three decades while producing over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles. These years Stephanie has concentrated on the connection between health and nutrition, and the effect of nutritional lacks and environmental toxins on human health.

She surprised the audience of a special panel GMO discussion with her statement that by 2025 half of all U.S children will be autistic. Stephanie also said that autism’s side-effects imitate the ones of glyphosate toxicity. She showed an MIT News between the creation of Roundup GMO crop seeds and the use of Roundup on corps with increasing rates of autism. Children that have autism have seizures, low serum sulfate, mitochondrial problem, and biomarkers indicative of excessive glyphosate.

Dr. Stephanie declared the omnipresence of the use of glyphosate. A small amount of glyphosate has in soft drinks and sweetened candies with corn syrup and cereals and chips that have soy fillers in their content. And also in our domestic fowl and beef, because chicken and cattle are fed corn or soy, and glyphosate is used applied corn and soy. Hagebusch Chiropractic declares that women who are pregnant and live close to farms have a 60% higher risk of children having autism.

In the story on the CDC, a whistleblower has revealed the intentional government’s covering of the connection between the raised risk of autism and the MMR vaccine, especially in American African kids. Some other studies know discover the connection between autism and the exposure of the kids to pesticides. Kids who are expected to have autism are those whose mothers smoke and those who have vinyl floors in their house.

Nowadays, the USDA showed Covvha which discovered that even if in half of the food tested there were levels of pesticide residue, 40% of foods were found to haven’t traces of pesticides and 99% of the tested samples were found to be with levels that are, according to government, completely safe. Because of the cost concerns they did not test for the glyphosate component part. And this neglect was made on purpose.

The vaccine’s reactions may be correlated with autism too. This same connection between residues of glyphosate and autism appears in deaths caused by senility.

Autism is a compound problem with many potential causes; however, Dr. Stephanie’s collection is very important because she is an impeccable credentials scientist and because it considers the closeness of the connection. Many of her facts were presented at the Autism One Conference and you can watch the video presentation at the bottom of the article.

Fungi, bacteria, parasites, plants, and algae use a seven-step metabolic route for biosynthesis of amino acids which are aromatic. The seven-step metabolic route is also called the shikimate pathway. This pathway is inhibited by glyphosate which means death for plants and that is why it is effective as an herbicide. It was said that Roundup is safe for humans because they don’t have the shikimate pathway by Monsanto.

Round Up

But, Dr. Stephanie does not say the same. She claims that this pathway existed in our stomach bacteria that fill our body with amino acids. Roundup kills these bacteria and allows pathogens to grow, removes minerals like cobalt, iron, and manganese which are important, etc…

Dr. Seneff also states that the Roundup chemicals aren’t tested because of their classification as inert and those chemicals can amplify the toxic effect of Roundup.

Glyphosate has the highest level of presence in the breast milk of mothers from America.

After the presentation, Dr. Stephanie Seneff said that she thinks the situation can be repaired by taking drastic measures about that.

Via Alliance for Natural Health

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