FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic




Years after the warning headlines, the FDA has finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA contains arsenic. This dangerous cancer-causing chemical can be fatal when consumed in high doses. It has been actually added to provide the chicken with a plump appearance and healthy coloring.

You may wonder where this poisonous chemical comes from. In fact, it is added to the chicken feed, then ends in the chicken meat thus entering the human body through the process of consumption.

Over decades, people have been consuming this highly poisonous chemical through typical chicken products.

Until this new study was conducted, both the FDA and the poultry industry denied the fact that chicken is given arsenic. The poultry industry claimed that this chemical was excreted in the chicken feces. There was no scientific basis for such a claim, but this was what they wanted everyone to believe.

The evidence against this claim was even more evident when the manufacturer of the chicken feed product Roxarsone, removed it from the shelves. Although its use was suspended, a similar arsenic-based drug called Nitarsone, remained on the shelves.

You will definitely be interested in the name of the manufacturer of this arsenic-based chicken feed. It’s Pfizer, the same producer of children’s vaccines containing chemical adjuvants.

In fact, Alpharma LLC, the company which produces Roxarsone is controlled by Pfizer. Although Alpharma has decided to remove this dangerous feed from the shelves in the U.S, it won’t remove it in other countries unless the regulators force them to do so.

The AP has reported that Scott Brown, the executive director of Pfizer, has stated that the company still sells this particular ingredient in many other countries. Also, Pfizer will reach out to those regulatory authorities and decide whether to sell it on an individual basis.

Arsenic? Help Yourself!

Even though it is removed from the shelves, the FDA claims that chickens contain a very low Chicken Check that is completely safe for consumption. However, everyone knows that the consumption of a dangerous chemical is far from safe.

The National Chicken Council supports the FDA claim, stating that chicken is safe for consumption despite the arsenic content.

Furthermore, the FDA has accused an elderberry juice manufacturer of selling “unapproved drugs” while approving such a dangerous chemical. So, it turns out that it is safe to consume dangerous arsenic than to drink elderberry juice. Elderberry juice magically becomes a “drug” rather than a juice that promotes the overall health of the body.

This was not the only case, but the FDA has accused dozens of other chemicals of selling such “unapproved products” which in fact improve and promote health. Among them is the war on raw milk.

So, the FDA turns into a regulatory agency that stimulates the production of toxic chemicals and halts healing foods.

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